Tortilla Pie

7 years ago


One of the more expensive meals, tortilla pie was always a favorite in our home. It's inexpensive and very filling. I'm sure there are quite a few variations of it, that would alter the price, but not by much. We've topped it with a dollop of Daisy (HA .. the commercial popped in to my head) Sour Cream, as well as adding a small side of refried beans. Or cut down the amount of ground beef by adding red kidney beans or black beans. Which ever way you go, I would encourage you to look for sales and coupons since doing this would cut the per meal cost even more.

Please note that we don't drink soda or fruit juices on a regular basis, so most meals will have water as the drink ... some times with a slice of lemon, lime or orange. Other times plain water is on the table. Occasionally though we'll have soda ... a generic version of Sprite due to it not having dyes. Doing this, of course would also alter the price of the meal.

(For those with dairy allergies, you can substitute cheese with soy cheese but it will raise the cost unless you get a great, low price. You'd also remove the sour cream topping cost). The above picture is not ours but I'm posting it to show what type of cake pan we cook it in.

Main Food:

Tortillas - $2.09 per package = $1.76 (for using 6.75 tortillas)

Tomato Sauce - $2.72 per 6 lb. 9 oz can - use 2 cups =  .16

Ground Beef - $1.98 per pound with 2 lbs. = $3.96 (with out sale price)

Corn - $3.28 per 106 oz can - 2 cups per meal = .48 cents

Grated Cheese - $12.52 per 5 lb. block - 2 cups @ .62 per cup = $1.25

Onion - $4.28 per 5 lbs. - .85 per onion = .08

Garlic - 1 clove, diced = .13

Diced Olives - .79 per small can = .19

Diced Tomatoes - .79 per can - 1 cup = .20

Cilantro - .25




1 head lettuce = $.79 - 1/4 head = .20.

Carrots - $2.98 per 5 lb. bag = .20

Beets - .79 cents per can = .39

Dressing - $2.72 per bottle = .56



Total per batch =  $9.81 = .98 cents PER PERSON


*Think of how much lower your cost would be if you had the produce growing in your own garden*



Preheat oven to 350*

Layer a cake pan with 4 tortillas

Pour 1 cup tomato sauce to cover tortillas


Brown ground beef with onions & garlic


Pour ground beef, onions & garlic in & spread it (evenly) over tortillas


Add even layer of corn


Sprinkle 1 cup of grated cheese on ground beef


Sprinkle tomatoes around


Sprinkle 1/2 of diced olives around


Top with remaining tortillas


Sprinkle remaining grated cheese on top


Sprinkle remaining tomatoes & olives


Put in oven & cook until cheese is melted & tortillas are a light golden brown


Dig in!

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