Thursday Tofu Tacos

That's right, I said it. Tofu tacos.

That title turns off the boys in my family a bit, but since we're in a meal planning phase currently- it's hard to miss a Mexican themed food night, and still keep some nights vegan.  My husband Jay is Hispanic, therefore my kids are, too.  But he's not Mexican, and doesn't care for Tex-Mex food either.  So this was an experiment all around.  Also, I've never crumbled or cooked tofu like this before- it's always sliced or cubed in Korean food I make.

We start with organic tofu (note: this brand has a sulfate).

I opened the package, placed the cube on a plate, and topped with a paper towel.  Then I put a medium sized pot on top to help squeeze some water out for about 10 minutes.  I'm always surprised how much water the spongy stuff soaks up!  I dumped the water off the plate. Then I grabbed the whole cube and crumbled it with my hands into a hot pan, with just a dash of EVOO.  I found a great recipe for homemade taco seasoning on which I mixed beforehand, and sprinkled it heavily on top.

Doesn't that look appetizing? (not really, no, I know- not yet, at least).  But I had a lot of faith in the seasoning (5 stars, rated by 2,686 reviews can't be wrong!), as well as pairing it with our other sides of rice and beans, multigrain chips and salsa verde #nom.  Plus, I bought those fancy corn self-standing hard taco shells; exciting!  I stirred, and stirred the crumbled tofu for about 8-10 minutes until some of it looked well done, kind of like scrambled eggs over cooked.  Then tossed some into the bottom of my taco shells.

It actually ends up looking like a cross between chicken and scrambled eggs- and my first taste test was a big thumbs up (that seasoning, I tell ya).  I couldn't leave the tacos naked, so I added some shredded romaine lettuce/spinach, and diced tomatoes, and olives (no cheese on mine). Then I sat back to admire this trial, before diving in.

It was really tasty!  I surprised myself!  The texture of the crumbled, cooked tofu did in fact seem like scrambled eggs, and even paired with the veggies, didn't taste like anything was missing or funky.  I consider this a big step for future meals, but we'll see.  I might have to invest in a wider variety of seasonings to replicate with the Sexy Vegan does with crumbled tofu.

Have you tried a vegan night on your meal plan?  I only do two weeks at a time, but so far it's working for us- and I can add something new every once in awhile without stress.  Has crumbled tofu worked for you in previously meaty recipes as a replacement?

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