Things to keep in mind while dressing your outdoor kitchen

a year ago
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Put a turkey on the grill and play Frisbee with your adorable dog. Put on a stack of ribs over to the smoker; take a power nap in your comfortable hammock. Put the bird on the rotisseries and dine with them in candle night. Life is more stress-free when at outdoor. Recently, we are eating and cooking more and more meals under the open sky. Back yard has now transformed into our second kitchen, famously known as outdoor BBQ kitchens. But, designing an outdoor kitchen is tricky, as you need to arrange electricity, gas, grills, dishwasher, music system, all inside your backyard while leaving enough room for your plants and trees.
Here are the some tips, which you need to abide by when planning for an outdoor kitchen:-

Where to set up an outdoor kitchen:

If you backyard is equipped with a steady water supply then you can set up your outdoor kitchen at any convenient place where you feel like, in your own way. Otherwise, try to locate it near to your indoor kitchen, such that you can run to the sink quickly. Try to locate your kitchen under the shade of the tress, in order to avoid heating sunrays, but then when under tree shade, there are chances of wind, disturbing your cooking or other leaves or bird excretes falling inside your food. To avoid this, you can erect a shade above your outdoor kitchen to shield your food from these kinds of unwanted disturbances.

Basic appliances you need in your outdoor arsenal:

Well when you are planning for perfect barbecues, you need a grill. You can get an excellent collection of grills in any of the outdoor kitchen appliance selling companies. However, before buying, you need to think about the kind of food you are going to cook, number of heads you are cooking for and the duration. Grills have certain parameters based on these styles. Go through these parameters and then choose in between them.

Think about the countertop:

Only grilling or roasting will not do, as you need to cut and chop the vegetables and other spices too. Hence, you need a countertop. Try to pick a countertop which can seamlessly handle hot pot and are strictly resistant to stains and grease. Vouch for a sealant or surfacing material as this your render durability to your counter top.

Legal issues:

Setting up a kitchen in your backyard means, you need to have an electricity permit, water supply permit and definitely permit from the fire extinguisher authority and pollution control board. Settle down all the legal issues before setting your grill on fire. You can also seek permit from your neighbour, as a courtesy.

Opening an outdoor kitchen can be creative and may be financially rewarding in the near future. Because, you can kick start a new cuisine business with this trendy setup of the outdoor kitchen. You can add certain variations via featuring some mouth watering, intoxicating cocktails, mocktails and other drinks. All you just need to do is, have right equipment and resources on hand to ensure your outdoor grill a huge success.


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