Super easy and super healthy snacks!

4 years ago

Before I begin to list a few ideas, can we just talk about how much I used to love McDonald's smoothies?  (Btdubs if you're tired of smoothie talk you can skip to the bottom where I give a dessert recipe that is not a smoothie, haha.)

I thought they were so good. But I got one recently and it tasted so artificial. This isn't me hating on McDonald's because legit, I think their double cheeseburgers are the bomb. Even though I can't eat those right now due to the whole paleo diet thing.

But I started making smoothies this semester. I mean I've made smoothies before. But I'm talking smoothies on smoothies on smoothies. Smoothies on deck. 

And my smoothies are freakishly healthy. I mean check out what I'm drinking right now: 100% strawberry banana juice (V8), spinach, frozen peaches, 1 banana.

My smoothie is brown. And looks gross. But it's soooo good. 

So here's my recipe for smoothies (and it's not as complicated as a lot of smoothies you see on websites where you need spices and have to run to the grocery store)

1 banana + some frozen fruit of choice + some kinda fruit juice (100% juice only) + fresh spinach (I swear up and down on my life you can't taste it) + yeah that's it. My roommate adds Truvia or Stevia or whatever but I don't, it depends on how sweet you want it to be.

Please note this is dairy free. Even before I started the Paleo diet I transitioned to dairy free smoothies because the less dairy I eat the better my skin looks (I've been cursed with acne for years). If you want you can throw some greek yogurt in there and it's delicious.

 A lot of people say you shouldn't substitute smoothies for meals, but I honestly have to. I get really full from smoothies. But keep in mind, I have an entire banana, a ton of frozen fruit, and about a cup of spinach in mine so it balances out to be more like a meal than a drink. I know it doesn't have enough calories to constitute a meal blah blah blah but I honestly cannot drink this as a snack. It makes me super full.

Okay moving on from smoothies.

I'm a pinterest freak and am constantly looking for recipes on there but half of the time I find stuff that would require me dropping more cash money at the grocery store than what's preferable. A really easy dessert/snack that I'm obsessed with though is baked bananas and baked apples.

I feel like I found that on pinterest. Maybe not.

Anyways, this is how you do it:

for the bananas I just slice them in half long ways then cut them in half again so there's four pieces. I squirt a bit of I can't believe it's not butter on them and drizzle them in honey and then a bit of cinnamon.

For the apples I cut them into slices (I use one of those cool slicer things that does it for you, it's my saving grace cos it takes me forever to cut apples hahaha I suck but I promise I'll learn to do it before I have kids). Again I squirt the apples with I can't believe it's not butter (but I leave the cinnamon off until after they're baked) and I don't put honey on the apples.

Anyways, oven to 400 degrees F then I stick the apples and bananas on a pan covered in foil for about 15-20 minutes.

When they come out of the oven I sprinkle the apples with cinnamon and voila I eat it them.

So delicious. So easy. And it's actually a fruit dessert that tastes like dessert. Cos I ate when people say "I really want some dessert" and eat a plain apple. I mean that's cool if that's what you want but I can't pretend like that's going to satisfy me as a dessert.

Do you guys have any simple and healthy recipes that you love to make and would love to share?

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