Spiced Peanut butter and chocolate cookie sandwiches

5 years ago

I always intend to write so many more blogs in a week. I plan to do it. I think about doing it.....but lets be honest, as high as this is on my priority list, so is making myself a cocktail and watching cougar town (that was a hard one to admit.) But honestly.....life is going by so very fast and very soon I will be finished pastry school for good! Im already researching other pastry courses overseas to do next (when I'm rich.)


In the mean time, I have been throwing dinner parties, having picnics, and baking cookies (oh and working, studding, doing work placement, and running.....but that stuff isn't so interesting.)


Last night I decided to throw a three course dinner party for two of my very good friends. Its so rare I have the time (and pennies) to do a three course meal these days, so it was such bliss to spend the day pottering around the house baking. I had my first go at curing salmon.....and it was so so so very yummy. I served it with pickled asparagus and ricotta cakes. It was one of my favourite things I've eaten in ages, so I ate it again for breakfast the next day. I also make some very yummy cocktails with a lime sugar syrup, cucumber, and mint. They were much much too easy to drink!

(My new favourite meal)


(Goodness I really really loved this gluten free chocolate pecan pie! There is something so comforting about pie is there not?)




Anyway I promised to give you recipe to the cookie sandwiches I took on my sunny picnic earlier in the week. I made the recipe simply because it used everything I had around the house when I needed to make a quick desert. I had a few left over cookies from a batch I hadn't got around to icing.They are really very easy, but such an indulgent treat.  I love them because they feel so childish, but you can serve them for a desert to your grown up friends, and still feel impressive.

(These left over cookies from this batch is what inspired the cookie sandwiches.)



Cookie sandwiches.


One batch of this sugar cookie recipe

1tsp of mixed spice

1tsp of cinnamon

Crunchy peanut butter

200ml of cream

200g of dark chocolate


What to do:



  • Make one batch of sugar cookies from the link provided. However when you are mixing together the dry ingredients add the mixed spice and cinnamon. Cook as directed.
  • Let the cookies cool!
  • Break up the chocolate and place in a bowl.
  • Bring the cream to a boil.
  • Pour the boiling cream over the chocolate and leave to sit for a minute. Stir the mix until smooth and all the chocolate has melted.
  • Set the chocolate mix aside to cool. I usually put it in the fridge to let it set, and take it out every so often and give it a stir. You want the consistency to be smooth and spreadable. 
  • Spread half the cookies with one teaspoon of peanut butter and the other half of the cookies with the chocolate mix. 


  • Sandwich the cookies together and eat them all up at a sunny picnic. 







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