Southwestern Spicy Habenero Smashed Potatoes

Yes, needless to say, I like it hot. It seems as though everything we make has a spirited kick. I have detailed how we, at any given time, have a minimum of 6 different hot sauces and several types of peppers in our pantry. I have always had a love of all things fiery. When I was very young, my Grandfather would make Jalapeno dip ( a recipe which I will most certainly share with you all soon) and even as a wee tyke I would scoop it up and devour it with relish. Clearly, I was not your typical PB&J loving child. When I was a bit older my Father introduced me to the joys of Tabasco sauce and even made a special out of the way excursion on one family vacation to my own personal Mecca, Avery Island, Louisiana. Avery Island is of course the home of Tabasco and it it beyond wonderful. As a side note, my little sister was also taken to the home of her gastronomic obsession on a subsequent family vacation, Hershey, PA. That just about sums up the contrary nature of our pallets. Today, I am serving up two spicy little numbers that I am sure you will enjoy. The first is a Southwestern inspired potato dish that will certainly add a kick to any meal and the second is a spicy Serrano chili cheese bread that would be amazing with a big bowl of chili or as a slice of toast with your eggs in the mornin'. Southwestern Spicy Habenero Smashed Potatoes Written, developed and tested by: Vanessa Madigan Ingredients: 1 Stick of butter 1 cup of sour cream 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese 3 habenero peppers, diced 12 oz. chorizo 10 large red potatoes 1 4 oz. can of diced green chilies 2 15 oz cans of corn 3 green onion, diced 1 green onion, diced for garnish 1 1/2 tsp salt hot sauce for garnish. Directions: Half potatoes with a knife and place in large pot of water. Boil potatoes until tender. You should be able to piece the potatoes easily with a fork. Using gloves wash your habeneros, once they are cleaned and topped, dice them. At this time you can also dice your green onions. Take chorizo out of casing/packaging and cook in a medium size fry pan, drain off excess fat. Once the chorizo is cooked thoroughly add the corn, green chilies, diced green onions and diced habeneros. Allow to cook on low while you finish your potatoes. Once potatoes are cooked, drain the water from the pot. Add the butter, sour cream and salt to your potatoes and using a potato masher, mash the potatoes until the butter and sour cream are worked in. The potatoes should be lumpy and roughly smashed, not creamy and smooth. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Stir your chorizo mixture into the potatoes. Place your new potato mixture in a medium sized (about 3 quart) baking dish. Top with the cheddar cheese and bake until cheese is melted and bubbly. Before serving, top with remaining diced green onion and enjoy!

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