S'more Pops, Please

7 years ago

When I was a kid, T.G.I.F. was a group of television programs that played on Friday nights.  Perfect Strangers, Full House, Mr. Belvedere and Just the 10 of Us.  It was great.  I would anxiously await the weekend simply to watch my favorite shows and see what was going on in their worlds.  I, like every other girl in America, had the hots for John Stamos.  My weekend wasn't complete without a good dose of Uncle Jesse.

I've since grown up.  My Friday nights are reserved for relaxation.  For putting my feet up and letting go of my stress.  Oh, and sometimes for baking, cooking, decorating, testing out new recipes and munching.  Oddly enough, I find all of that relaxing and stress-relieving.  I know... Weird.

This Friday, I decided to try out something a bit simple but tasty nonetheless.  S'more Lollipops.  I've had a love affair with s'mores since about the 1st grade when I joined Brownies and went on camp outs.  Typical camping food, an honest to goodness s'more can save a rained out camping weekend.  And isn't everything just a little more fun in pop form?

S'more Lollipops

12 marshmallows

2-3 graham crackers, crushed finely

melting chocolate

6 large lollipop sticks

Start by assembling your lollipops.  Take 2 marshmallows and run the stick through them until they are just resting on the top of the stick.  Place them on a piece of parchment in a line.  This will allow you to have an assembly line of sorts once you start the dipping process.

Melt your chocolate in a deep bowl or glass.  There are two ways you can do this.  I, being tired and slightly lazy, took the easy way out and melted the chocolate in the microwave.  If you are going to take this approach, be sure to only meltthe chocolate in 10 second increments, stirring in between each.  Chocolate can burn incredibly quickly.  The other option is to place your chocolate in a glass bowl.  Boil water in a pot and place the bowl on top, then stir as it  melts.

Whatever you do, DO NOT get water in your chocolate.  It will seize and rebel against your cooking ways.  It will only lead to disaster.

Next, dip your marshmallow pop into the chocolate, coating both the marshmallows.  Tap on the side of the bowl to get rid of some of the excess chocolate.  While the chocolate is still melted, sprinkle your graham cracker crumbs on top.

Lay the pop on your parchment, then sprinkle with some extra crumbs for more s'more-y goodness.  Let them dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then enjoy!

These pops make great gifts for children at parties.  They were a HUGE hit at Abby's Girl Scout party this Christmas.  Even the Juniors, who are too cool for school, devoured them!

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