Six Great Edible Hostess Gifts for the Holidays

4 years ago

Looking for some great edible hostess gift ideas for the upcoming holidays? These ideas are fantastic options, whether you're headed to someone's house for a Thanksgiving or winter holiday feast, or going to visit relatives and don't want to show up empty-handed. Each one of them would be a welcome treat for whoever's welcoming you into their home.

Credit: Macaroni and Cheesecake

This DIY brownie mix from Macaroni and Cheesecake is the perfect base for easy-to-whip-up sweet treats whenever they're most needed during the holidays.


Credit: Plain Chicken

If you have a tea lover in your life, this Christmas Spiced Tea Mix from Plain Chicken is a thoughtful option.


Credit: Thyme In Our Kitchen

Have a little extra time to make something special? Try these Four-Layer Gourmet Caramel Apples from Thyme In Our Kitchen—they're lovely and delicious, all at the same time!


Credit: Good Bakes

If you are staying overnight at your host's or hostess' house, this Pumpkin Granola is an ideal gift. It takes the work out of breakfast the next morning!


Credit: Dessert By Candy

If you love to make confections and candy, perhaps putting together an assortment of treats is right up your alley! Get some inspiration from these very special gift boxes from Dessert By Candy.


Credit: Elizabeth's Edible Experience

Whether for Thanksgiving or Christmas or anytime in between, these Sugared Cranberries from Elizabeth's Edible Experience would be a beautiful sweet snack to bring with you.