Holiday Party Fare: Rosemary Roasted Figs

5 years ago

When we first got married, Loren asked me if we could try out a few recipes to figure out which ones we could call "our" recipes. He meant the ones that would be our go-to recipes: the ones that would and could be the comfort food we go to when we're tired and don't know what else to make, that we would try to always have ingredients on hand for, and that would remind our future children of home. Needless to say, I was excited by the idea (how sweet, isn't it?!).

We started by sharing some of the family standbys that we'd grown up with, and then we branched out to new recipes to see if there were any we'd like to keep. Over the years, there are definitely ones that we have "adopted" and gone back to many times (maybe I'll do a series on some of them when I'm done with this blog challenge!). Somewhere along the way, we also realized that we really really like just trying new things, as well.

Now you give us a lazy afternoon or evening, a cookbook (or, more recently, a cooking blog), and away we go in the kitchen. I constantly have a list going of things we've seen or would like to try, and whenever we're in the mood, we either use that or scope out something new. Yesterday was one of those days, and we finally made it to something I've been longing to try for a while....(drumroll, please).... figs!


Fresh figs have been on my radar in the produce section for months (since I found out their season is usually in June or in early fall), and I've had several variations of recipes for roasting them that I've had in my head for a while. The only problem is that they are not native to Minnesota and are pretty hard to find. UntilI had a very exciting trip to Trader Joe's on Wednesday night in which I found a pint...woohoo!

Cutting the figs

After cutting them (I have no idea how good these are, but I they certainly are pretty!), I drizzled them with honey, sprinkled on some rosemary, and popped them in the oven.

The plan was to take them out halfway through roasting and add a dollop of chevre to some and wrap others with prosciutto; we'd essentially have "Figs Three Ways" to try more than one of my recipe ideas.


While they were roasting and I was taking things out of the fridge, Loren came upstairs to spend time with his very excited wife and noticed the deliciousness on the counter. After a bit of discussion about how the prosciutto-to-mouth and chevre-to-mouth (we love goat cheese in this house) time ratios changed based on my various cooking options, we decided to just forget that step. We can just add the other goodies to them when everything's at the table, right?

A delicious snack

Right. Especially when we remembered that we had a fresh melon from ourCSA(we received three of them this week!), so we were able to have that with our prosciutto. All-in-all a good experiment and a great way to spend an afternoon.

It's too bad that figs are so hard to find around here, because I think that this would definitely become one of "our" recipes. Do you have any family recipes that you have adopted as your own (or wish you could recreate well enough to do so)?



You can enjoy figs, too! Here's what we did:

Rosemary Roasted Figs

  • 1 pint fresh green figs
  • honey
  • rosemary sprigs (2-3)
  • Optional: chevre, prosciutto, table water crackers


Preheat oven to 375. Wash and stem figs. Cut them in half, and lay face-up in a roasting dish. Drizzle with honey. Sprinkle with fresh rosemary. Bake 15-20 minutes or until honey is bubbling and browning (they should smell good, too). Enjoy by themselves or topped with chevre, topped with chevre on a cracker, topped with chevre and wrapped in prosciutto, or topped with chevre and wrapped in prosciutto on a cracker, or (you get the picture)....

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