Revisiting the savory and the soupy pumpkin

9 years ago

Soup in hollowed out PumpkinI know I said I don't like soup but with the temperatures here reaching lows I don't even want to think about, I might have to reconsider. Maybe.

In my last post about pumpkin soup, I linked a recipe for a black bean pumpkin soup and I really thought I might like it. Since then, I stumbled into a recipe for pumpkin and black bean soup, right here on BlogHer... by our very own Amy Gates... and this one I think I would like even better.

Since that last post, I've also been sent or just stumbled upon these pumpkin soup recipes:

Soup recipes aren't the only pumpkin recipes that keep appearing in my inbox, savory pumpkin recipes are here too.

I loved this post about Bulgarian street vendors selling hot pumpkin. (Maybe because I have a lot of love for a certain Bulgarian... or maybe because I have a fondness for street food? Probably a combo effect.)

TW made Pumpkin Fettucini and I really enjoyed it (the leftovers were great for the next day's lunch, too.) We were supposed to have some sort of pumpkin lasagna for dinner a few nights later but... didn't happen. Ah well, maybe next week?

Or maybe we should have pumpkin pasta, pumpkin curry, roasted pumpkin gratin, or seared pumpkin instead?

Who knew there were so many ways to cook pumpkin?

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