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It's spring cleaning time!  Members of Jill's List are cleansing...should you?  Join us for a NATIONWIDE DETOX starting May 1st (and tell your friends!!)

Here's an extra incentive to say YES!  $25 discount for Jill's List readers - Use the code "happy20" when checking out at

Here's the deal:

We're all feeling a little "heavy" right now - winter pounds, winter blah, toxin build-up, etc.  As a community, we are gearing up for a living foods cleanse lead by Cate Stillman on May 1st!  Cate, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Instructor, leads hundreds of people every year through her live, group cleanse. This spring, Jill and I will share our detoxing experiences with you (and you can share yours with us) as we detox together.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert cleanser, Cate's Yogidetox will help rid us of everything that has built up over the winter!

So grab a friend and join us!

Not sure what to expect? Cate helped answer some of our questions about her cleanse:

Who should cleanse?

Everyone should cleanse! Way back, the cycles of nature forced homo sapiens into cleanse and rejuvenation cycles. Spring season in nature offers a low-fat, low-protein diet. This low-fat diet naturally arises in the season of scarcity – think back to the autumn harvest. Modern agriculture, shipping, and food processing has made every type of food available year round.   Toxins, including toxins from the non-nutrient calories that stock our grocery store shelves and refrigerators, are stored in our fat cells. Cleansing in spring means burning our fat stored to give our physiology the natural lightness and coolness needed to thrive in summer.

Briefly describe your living foods YogiDetox cleanse. What does it involve and what is the commitment required?

My Yogidetox has multiple levels built in. Beginners will generally invest less time and duration in a cleanse than advanced cleansers. Here is the schedule:

May 1-8: Prepare for your cleanse.  This includes eliminating toxins (processed foods, refined sugars, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol) and begin a daily whole foods diet including juicing or smoothies.

May 9-13: Move into daily cleansing mode.  Depending on the type of cleanse you are doing (10 day, 5 day) and your body type, this phase includes juicing, living food recipes, and soups. Fewer commitments will be very helpful to give space for mind and emotional detox.  Schedule time for daily yoga (guided audio routines available for download) and meditation.

Daily food preparation will take less than an hour - and end up saving you time.

May 14-23, we’ll be integrating what we learned from the past week. Your body and mind will still be in cleanse mode. Schedule times for walking in nature, exploring wild plants, yoga class, meditation, and more time for kitchen rejuvenation!

Don’t panic if this schedule doesn’t work with your life. Many people in the May cleanse will end up cleansing in June, and simply using the May audios as a jump start. Allow the cleanse to fit your schedule and create the least amount of stress possible.

Can I customize the cleanse for my body type?

Absolutely. No two people will do the exact same thing in my Yogidetox. You will be encouraged to eat for your type, and also to check in with what you personally need daily. There are charts to help guide you (for those who prefer structure), however, the cleanse is guided with the attitude of awakening your higher intuition.

Here's something fun to try now - FIND OUT YOUR BODY TYPE by using John's Douillard's (Jill's List Advisor and Ayurvedic Practitioner) simple online quiz at LifeSpa.

What are the benefits of cleansing?

We can break down the benefits into three categories: body, mind, and spirit.

Yogidetox Body Benefits:

o   Balances our bodyweight

o   Clears joint inflammation

o   Boosts immune system

o   Improves bowel function

o   Improves skin glow

o   Increases nutrient absorption

o   Improves 5 sense organ function (think eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin all becoming more efficient)

Yogidetox Mind Benefits:

o   Ignite mental clarity

o   Release stress

o   Let go of limiting habit patterns

Yogidetox Spiritual Benefits

o   Attune to your sacred life

o   Awaken to your potential

o   Create daily routines to thrive on all levels

o   Fall in love with your life, your family, your community

o   Increase your ability to perceive love (this sounds corny, but it happens to most cleansers).

Is it safe for the whole family to participate?

The family component of the Yogidetox is new this year, after 10 years of guiding individuals through a cleanse. I’ve witnessed the pattern of one family member cleansing creating this weird family dynamic of separation. So this spring, I’m inviting the family. Everyone can participate at any level, from toddlers adding a kale leaf to their banana smoothie, to all family members drinking some green juice or green smoothie each day.

In my humble opinion, what is less safe, is for your family not to set some time aside to awaken their taste buds to food that has nutrients.

What if I’m a beginner – I’ve never cleansed or done yoga before – what can I expect?  Will I be hungry all the time?  Does the cleanse limit my overall intake of food, or only limit the types of food I eat?

If you are a beginner, congratulations on finding your way here! I’m sure it wasn’t easy and all of this seems a bit out of the comfort zone. After this cleanse, you’ll be on your way to becoming an expert on what works for you. Your intuition will be stronger than ever and will guide you to engaging with your growth edge.

As for the nuts and bolts, if you don’t have much discipline around food, you can expect your inner rebel to throw a few temper tantrums as your higher self takes charge. It may be a bit of a battlefield, so it’s crucial to remind yourself of your higher objectives, and to become clear in your sense of purpose. Our neurotic self loves to take control through food!  That said, I’m not going to limit your quantity of food. I will encourage you to pulsate hunger with satiation, and satiation with hunger. Do you know how when you’re really hungry eating is more satisfying? I’d like to awaken that deeper satisfaction, and then have you fill yourself with real plant nutrients and superfoods. These nutrients not only nutrify your cells… they also help your cells purge toxins and waste. How cool is that?

As far as the yoga, I’ve received feedback from my online cleanses that the yoga audios are very clear to follow and of excellent teaching quality. You can expect to start where you are, and be encouraged to move deeply within your body in a safe yet engaging practice.

What if I cleanse every year  - how will my experience differ from the beginner’s?

I was just thinking about this question. I’m like a sponge for the cutting edge of knowledge in Ayurveda, Anusara Yoga, Evolutionary Enlightenment and Living Foods.  I’m combining the most effective tools from these domains into a course to help you integrate deeper into you, your family/community and your living ecosystem.

Your experience will differ from a beginner in a few ways:

o   You’ll desire less food

o   You’ll desire more meditation

o   You’ll do more enemas & advanced therapies

o   You’ll schedule bodywork for yourself

o   You’ll uplevel your knowledge of living foods, including: sprouting, fermenting, wild foods, permaculture and be inspired to get in the dirt.

o   You’re understanding of your constitution will be further revealed.

o   You’ll let go of deeper physical, mental and emotional patterns

o   You’ll recognize how you limit your potential in a subtle context

o   You’ll evolve your yoga practice

o   You’ll have insights to activate your potential in the world in a bigger way than ever before.

o   I promise.

What changes can I make in my diet prior to the cleanse to help me prepare for the May 1 start?

One simple tool is start eating fewer calories and more dark leafy greens at every meal. Start your day out with a fresh green drink (either juice or smoothie).

Can cleansing as a community help shift patterns and improve overall healing?

From a big historical picture of our nutrition we see a movement towards denatured food. You know the laundry list of how we denature our food from processing, additives, hormones, synthetics, genetic modification, picking before ripe, artificial preservatives, antibiotics in meat production, etc. Those are the specifics.. and it wreaks havoc on our organisms.

And if we look generally at what is happening in our communities …it gets ugly. You know the laundry list from obesity…diabetes…heart issues… cancer rates, etc. Those are specifics. As a community, we’re unwell.

Obviously, these are enormous issues.  What does it all have to do with your detox?

As we start to detox together and awaken together to exactly how healthy we can be we start to create a whole new local food economy. We start to be able to support each other’s health evolution. We start to realize that as a group of friends or as a family we make bad choices along with the good. As a micro-community we can begin to uphold the good choices and bring to light to toss out the bad choices. And our micro-community gets healthier and begins to lead others on the same path.

We know this trend is already happening worldwide. Why not join? For this reason, I’m encouraging yoga communities and families to cleanse together with me on the Yogidetox!

JOIN US!  It will be fun to detox as a group and we will be able to share experiences privately on Cate's secure discussion boards and publically on our Facebook event page (coming soon!) To sign up, go to At checkout, use Jill's List exclusive code "happy20" to get a $25 discount!  Feel free to pass this on to a friend!!

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