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4 years ago

I am by no means a food blogger but I love food. I love trying new recipes for my husband and posting them on the blog which I usually do once a week, normally on Saturdays. I get most of my recipes from Pinterest, I mean what the heck did we do before that? Oh yeah, I would email myself tons of recipes and they'd get lost in random folders and never get made. Most of the recipes I use come from food blogs which means the finished products insanely beautiful when posted. That got me thinking. Okay I understand if your a food blogger and blog about food alone, your stuff better look good. But there are times I make recipes from just regular blogs (lifestyle, mom, etc) and I swear it looks like they had a staging crew in their kitchen. So I wanted to talk about what goes into me making a recipe and posting it on my blog...



  • I meal plan because it is hard to cook for just 2 people, especially with Jon traveling 2-3 nights a week. On a normal week, I'd make 2-3 meals and either fend for myself the other nights, eat leftovers, or go out (restaurant, friends house, etc). I don't have a specific day that I grocery shop, it is usually when we are running low on milk, fruit, eggs, and cottage cheese (those are the things we go through the fastest...I usually buy 3.5 gallons of milk a week). And grocery shopping usually happens at 5pm after work.
  • I try to cook the more labor intense meals on the weekend so I have more time. Y'all...working full time out of the house is exhausting. I am up at 6:30q, leave at 7q, work from 7:30q-4:30p, home at 5p and sometimes the last thing I want to do is chop onions and stand over a hot stove. Heck we don't even have kids. Work outside the house mamas...you deserve a pat on the back. So anyway, I try to keep recipes simple and easy during the week so I can spend the little time I have with my husband, with Ernie, around the house, etc.
  • We usually have snacks right when I get home and eat dinner between 8-9pm...although lately it has been earlier because it gets darker earlier and thus we want to go to bed earlier. Jon is good about helping me if I need it but he does his own thing while I cook. 
  • While I'm cooking the kitchen looks like a train wreck. As clean and organized as I am, my kitchen is chaos while I cook. Sometimes I have recipe meltdowns when I realize I have to have 3 different pans going, pasta boiling, etc all at the same time. This is where I don't see how people have the time (or patience) to take pictures of their spices in pretty white bowls, them chopping fresh vegetables, etc. 
  • I have started ONLY taking pictures of the end result because it just got too time consuming. I cook to feed my husband and myself, blogging stuff comes second.
  • After the  meal is done, I throw it on a plate, nothing fancy at all, and snap a few pictures with my 50mm/1.8 lens. 
  • Sometimes its months before I actually post the recipe on my blog, or sometimes it's that very week. I like having extra recipes in my queue because I never write posts ahead of time and sometimes just need a filler. 
  • If I don't like something I make, I will not post it on the blog. And unfortunately this happens a lot with Pinterest. Something looks delicious in pictures but tastes like tar when you make it. Jon basically loves everything I make but I am the final judge on whether a meal will make it to the blog or not. 
Basically this post has no action items or main purpose but to tell you more about what goes into me posting a recipe on my blog. Not bashing food blogs at ALL because I love the way you can make enchiladas look appetizing because they are so dang hard to photograph! I wish I had the patience and time....

The goal of me posting recipes is to encourage other wives and women to prepare easy, delicious, and new meals for their families. You can find the recipes I've blogged about here. Enjoy!
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