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One of the reasons we became so passionate about food, started with our diagnoses of multiple food allergies. My husband and I had been silently suffering with a multitude of symptoms, but of course ignored them since we had suffered for so long. Abnormal becomes normal after awhile. I mean, I thought everyone walked around with a stomach ache... And it was completely normal for me to go through a bottle or two of both ibuprofen and tylenol every month due to the headaches and migraines. And then when they introduced Excedrine Migraine... Yipee! I was bloated and nauseated and exhausted and depressed and had hair falling out. That happens to you, right? Pfft, who doesn't it happen to? 

It wasn't until we started a family that things changed... For 3 1/2 years, I was pregnant then breast feeding, then pregnant then breastfeeding. At the time I had been a vegetarian for nearly 20 years. Not an uber healthy brown rice, PETA member. But a soy hot dog, diet coke & cheese pizza vegetarian who never took vitamins and was good with a snickers bar for lunch since there wasn't any meat in 'em! My youngest wasn't even a year old and I had a B12 deficiency, Vit D deficiency and anemia. I had constant vertigo, numbness & tingling in my hands and feet... I could go on & on. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of time and money spent on tests, procedures & medications ALL with no improvement! And in the midst of it all, we had two sick kiddos...

After nearly two years of infertility issues, we had our first child Tabor, in 2006. We would love to say that it was all violins and magic, but unfortunately, Tabor was one of the most miserable babies ever... She would scream for hours on end (I think her record was 14 hours) refused to be put down, would projectile vomit and was covered in rashes. Our pediatrician said she had acid reflux, so we began her on medication with no success. After nearly a month, someone suggested that she may be lactose intolerant. Within 48 hrs of a dairy free diet, she was a new child. Since her diet came from me (since she was breastfed), I had to go dairy free 100%. Tabor was sick constantly as an infant. I would offer her new foods and she would break out in hives. She was bloated and had more dirty diapers than you could imagine. She had reactions to everything and even seized after her chicken pox vaccination. At nearly 3 years old she had a pot belly and wouldn't potty train. She would literally pee on the floor and not even feel it. She had no sensation due to the bloating. Finally, we stopped listening to our pediatrician like she was an all-knowing god, and took Tabor to a Naturopath. We discovered that not only was she lactose intolerant, but she was also intolerant of corn, gluten, peanuts, eggs, and had anaphylaxis to sesame seeds and black beans. Yeah, we know what you're thinking, and yes we cried alot. We did tons of research on allergy friendly diets, proper vitamin supplements, meal preparation, you name it! Within 3 weeks of Tabor's new diet, she went down a clothing size (because her belly wasn't so distended), her skin became clearer, the glossy eyes and dark circles disappeared and then she potty trained practically overnight! Tabor is now amazingly healthy and is very active. Although she has had additional seizures unrelated to vaccines, her IBS & skin issues are very much under control. She is a very happy girl, loves playing ball, working on puzzles, and reading. Finally, there are the violins and magic. 

Our second child, Noah was a slightly different story, but only because we knew what to look for. He as well was lactose intolerant, in addition to issues with eggs, pork and soy. He also had IBS, worse eczema that Tabor and severe conjunctivitis. Since I worked in a hospital and was surrounded by traditional practitioners, I thought nothing of his need for chronic antibiotics.  It wasn't until we went a different route that it became  a struggle to stand our ground & do what we felt was right. Aside from his eczema, Noah is now super healthy! He follows his diet and supplement routine like a champ and is quite the jokester. You can usually find Noah playing "make believe" with his dinosaur collection or battling pirates with his sister.

Sometimes I wish we could go back in time. Like to college when I would lay on my bed in the dorms in unbearable pain. Or to my daughters birth, when she would scream and arch her back while vomiting every time she ate. It sounds so cliche' I know, but I wish I knew then what I know now. Foods can heal just as easily as they can harm. Nearly 70% of our immune system lives in our gut. If your gut isn't happy, how can you expect to be healthy? How can we expect it to absorb vital nutrients and allow us to thrive? 
Tabor Mountain was created out of this desire to thrive. 

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