now you, too, can make cranberry salsa

8 years ago


And you should, because it's absolutely wonderful!

I got this recipe a couple weeks back from my friend Melanie
who made it for a church function. I stalked her for weeks offering
everything from my first born to free babysitting if she would only
share the recipe. Finally, she said, "Fine, fine, Amie, all right, I'll
give you the recipe. Now would you please stop camping out on my front

I've been pretty much obsessing about it ever since--which is normal for me regarding anything cranberry related.
This doesn't taste like a regular spicy, tomato-based salsa. It's main
components are tart fruits, but its a great combo and easy to make.
Super yummy with lime-flavored tortilla chips, but any chip'll do in a

Try this different spin on salsa. I could eat it out of the bowl with a spoon!


1 12-oz bag cranberries

1 large granny smith apple

1/2 red bell pepper

1/2 sweet red onion

3-4 Tbsp cilantro, depending on your preference. I love cilantro. =)

1/3 cup apple juice

3/4 cup sugar

1 zest lime


I don't have a food processor, and I did consider traveling across the
street to my neighbor's to see if she had one I could borrow, but I
made this at 8:30 Sunday morning, and some people just aren't early
risers, you know? My kids are up at 6:30 rain or shine, so I am too,
but I didn't think she'd appreciate me knockin' on her door if she was
still having nice dreams upstairs. This recipe is definitely easier if
you have a processor--I cut ingredients using my Pampered Chef-type
chopper, which I love. It was pretty quick work, but the food processor
would obviously cut the prep time down significantly.

What we're
gonna do is chop (or food process) the first 5 ingredients--don't
puree, be careful not to liquify--I personally like a chunkier salsa as
opposed to a runny one. <----- funny, that describes me to a 'T'.


like this are around $2/bag. Remember, regular cranberries are a tad
bitter, so they're not great out of the bag. I was reminded of this.



Rinse those bad boys.



And get to choppin'.



Looks so perty, doesn't it? This is almost how they look when they grow.



Bizarre, isn't it? I don't understand it, but I love it.



Put them in a large bowl. But tell them not to get too comfy. . . they have company coming.



your granny smiths. The recipe calls for one large, but I only had two
small. GSs are my favorite apple because of their tartness, so I'm cool
with a little bit more apple than less in my salsa.



"Mom! Mom!! Look what I can do!"



"You're such a show-off!"





Boys, Boys...don't make me separate you...

"He started it!"

Well I'm gonna finish it.



That'll teach 'em.

**disclaimer: this is not how I handle my own children's disagreements**



of my all time favorite Pampered Chef tools. This post is becoming a
regular ol' Pampered Chef advertisement. Except that it's not. And
Pampered Chef has no idea who I am. Even though I love their
awesome-yet-slightly-expensive products.



Chop up those ornery apples good. Show 'em who's boss.



And when you're done with Mt. St. Granny Smith. . .



Add them to the bowl. It's looking Christmas-ey all ready, isn't it?



Next, take half a red onion.



Thanks to Pioneer Woman, I now know how to chop an onion the right way. Chop off the edges and peel off the harder peels.



choppity. (yes, I noticed that I have no pictures of myself chopping
the onion the right way, but I only have two hands and I am my own



And into the bowl with his brothers. Play nice now, ya'll. (My ingredients are southern for some reason.)



take half a red bell pepper. Mmm, I love sweet red bell peppers. These
make my kids run for the hills, even though I've proved several times
that they are not hot. Sweet, not hot.



So great in salads, aren't they?



Just go nuts.



For you. Because I love you. And you. And you. And you.



Toss the love peppers into the bowl. Maybe they'll help those darn apples get along.



Depending on taste preference, add your cilantro. I did at least 4 Tbsp, maybe more.



Send the cilantro to the salsa party.



Now, mix it up.



take 1/3 cup of apple juice in a separate bowl. (Can you see me in the
reflection? peekaboo! I'm not wearing any pants. Just kidding.)



3/4 cup of sugar--this is what cuts the bitterness of the cranberries
and the tartness of the apples and blends it all nicely together.



And don't forget the zest of a lime. This is the first time I've used this microplane grater. Isn't it cool?



My kitchen's starting to smell pretty good.



Isn't it pretty?



Stir it up and add it to the salsa.



Now mix it up good and let the flavors sink in and soak up with each other for a couple of hours in the fridge before serving.



Yum yum yum! That's it! Wasn't that too easy? I hope you'll try this recipe and if you do, let me know what you think!

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