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Back by popular demand is the "No-Sugar-Challenge".  On March 10th myself along with Tiffany of The Gracious Pantry challenged ourselves and each other to stop eating sugar for two weeks. How could we keep this opportunity to cleanse our bodies of all added sugar--to include honey, maple syrup, sorghum, sucanat and especially refined sugar--to ourselves? Well, we couldn't.  That's why we extended the invitation to everyone and anyone interested in breaking the sugar addiction and losing some pounds along the way. 

The first round was enough for me to lose a few extra pounds put on over the winter and Tiffany was able to break through her plateau and hit the big FIVE O (50) of pounds lost.  HOORAY!

We were overwhelmed at the response from those wanting to join in and kick the habit--if only for a few weeks.  Tiffany and I were there to lend support, motivate and offer sugar free tips along the way--including some yummy recipes.  However, there were a lot of interested sugar lovers that missed the opening date and requested another round of the No-Sugar-Challenge

Maybe you were in the last challenge and need another few weeks to kick the habit or perhaps you just want to drop a few pounds before summer.  Regardless, if you are new to the challenge or a veteran of the last challenge we are all in this together!

The second round of the challenge will begin on April 1st and run through April 15th.  If you're in--and I know you are--here's the rules:

Fruit– One to two pieces of fruit per day are allowed. A small handful of unsweetened berries can be substituted for a piece of fruit. Although fruit has natural sugar it also has tons of nutritional value and is most definitely good for our health.

Processed Foods – We will be eliminating all added sugar whether it's by itself or hidden among the other unhealthy ingredients in processed foods...there is the real culprit! Label reading will be important as almost all processed foods contain sugar in one form or another. Here is a fairly comprehensive list of  sugar by all sorts of names.

Eliminate all added Sugar - The important thing to keep in mind is that all sugar --to include agave nectar, raw honey, sorghum, sucanat, cane syrup, molasses, maple syrup, etc.-- can pack on the pounds. If a product advertises as having NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP...then most definitely flip the package over and read the ingredient's label.  Chances are good that it contains sugar in one form or another.  This is an opportunity to cleanse your body of all added sugar while having support and motivation from me, Tiffany and countless others who are on board with the challenge.

So, from April 1st -  April 15th we our joining together to eliminate all added sugar from our diets. The nice thing about making this a community effort is that we are there for each other, to motivate and just maybe talk each other through one or more of those nasty late night sugar cravings.  Let's support each other and make this happen!

For loads of support, encouragement and motivation:
Facebook me by jumping here.
Facebook Tiffany by jumping here

Round two here we come! 

Gale Compton
Fit Fabulous Forever


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