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We as human beings want food.We say phrases like "food for thought" and "if music be the food of love".Ever given a thought WHY food?Why do we have to bring food into everything we think about?The answer is its the basis of our sustenance and the cause of life.In the past decade the food we eat has gone into a new dimension of change.Its become more VARIED - in the sense - gluten free,vegan,and the newly developed anti pasto concepts which people prefer sometimes over the same as they term "run of the mill" recipes.People like experimenting with things,especially food as they want things better and better tasting by the day instead of the traditional recipes they were born into.

Also a given fact is the alarming rate at which conversions are taking shape.Vegetarians who were bound by family traditions to eat no meat,fish or eggs are trying the "magnetic trio" in a way to "taste" and then increasingly becoming addicted to non vegarianism.Meat eaters on the other hand are facing a reversed paradigmatic shift.Their focus is on becoming vegans and gluten free to the extent that they forego eggs with a vengeance that they believe it unhealthy..or they want a change and more surprisingly some are addicted to the Hindu principle of Karma-what you give comes back to you in a more defined form...maybe inspired from the Hare Krishna cult in India and abroad.Its a unique but definitive pattern taking shape when food is not taken to be a means of survival.Its a means to an end - a mode of enjoyment...a luxury which can be afforded...a means to delight the palette which yearns for good smell and taste..and an overall rewarding experience thereafter.

Given the fact that lives have become and are becoming increasingly stressful we crave for good things the foremost being food.Its unique to everyone but again given the fact that we grab at the easiest things first in a move to vent out our frustrations or celebrate our victories and the small celebrations,anxieties and stresses we have the best thing is food.It can be found inside the refrigerator,in the kitchen,bedroom or even bath as a good friend of mine keeps a refrigerator inside their luxuriously furnished washroom so that they can sip a glass of wine,apple cider or cranberry cooler when they are in the tub at night cooling off the daily dose of stresses.

This blog is for those who associate with food with respect.There are a few people I know who cook slap dash and say "Cooking is not my cup of tea"(there you go - food again in this phrase) and they do not know HOW people can cook without getting irritated and clumsy.This blog is also for people who think about cooking as a headache(pardon me if I annoy some of you but I had a rather long argument with another acquaintance regarding this)...they need to know its the MOST satisfying hobby or profession and they should not disrespect it if they cannot stand by it.Its also for those professionals whose valuable tips and suggestions would be very very welcome as well as for the "starters" who want to give quality cooking a try.My endeavour is to bring my knowledge to light and share with everyone reading this blog so that they could know things for themselves and all of us feel proud of the vast sea of knowledge which is predominantly being explored and dived into.Thank you all for your interest.


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