My Kid Had the Lemonade Stand. Why Am *I* So Exhausted?

6 years ago

We sure do a lot for our kids. And by we, I mean you and me and everyone out there. At least I hope everyone out there is doing a lot for their kids. I have one kid, so it’s “technically” easier than most. I can’t imagine having two to juggle, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have a blog at all if I had three or more. I love being a Mom, but MAN it’s exhausting.

The plan was easy enough. In the last week of his summer vacation, my son told me that he was going to set up a lemonade stand. His plan was to make a little extra cash selling lemon (and lime) ade and homemade cookies.

I had a busy week planned, so I told him he’d have to do all the work. He picked the lemons and limes.

He worked very hard using our citrus juicer to extract the juice.

And then we made the lemonade together, adjusting the sweetness to our liking.

He made cookies and brownies…

…and he packaged and priced the goods.

So why am I so exhausted? It was the consulting: where he should set up, how he should set up, how he should price things, what to put on the sign, which day to have it, which friend to ask to help him, what to wear, and days of constant discussion about it all!!… It was the shopping: the paper for the signs, the cookie ingredients and the last minute brownie mix. It was the teaching: how to make simple syrup, how to approach the customer, chewing gum while making the cookie dough so you’re not tempted to nibble, cleaning up as you go along while you’re in the kitchen…

…and showing the consumer that your product is a quality product. This sign was actually all his idea, not mine! I merely mentioned that he may want to share with his buyers that his lemonade is all natural, and he went to town with his interpretation of that. Funny little 10-year-old, isn’t he?

Although I’m exhausted, I’m happy that my son had a chance to have his lemonade stand. I’m fortunate that I had the time to give to him. Kids learn some valuable lessons having experiences like this. He and his friend sold out of product and came away with a handful of spending money. The lemonade stand was a rockin’ in our neighborhood, and it’s always fun to see the community come together support the kids’ efforts.>

So what do you think… Do you put forth the effort to make sure your kids have these kinds of experiences? Are you too busy for this sort of thing? Or are you Super-Mom-in-the-making?

Lori Lange

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