Help Me Pick a Breakfast Cereal!

6 years ago

I want to like cereal. I really do. It's more convenient than any other meal I can think of, and it has the potential to be really healthy. I just ... don't.

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I know exactly why I don't like cereal: I didn't grow up with it. I was allergic to milk and soy as a kid, and rice and nut milks weren't as common as they are now. My choices were limited to a) eating it dry and b) eating it with nondairy creamer. Trust me: Once you try cereal with Mocha Mix, you're pretty much off it completely -- no matter what the commercial claimed:


But I know that so many people love, love, love their cereal. Just cruising through the BlogHer network just now, I came upon love songs to cereal by Paula of Salad in a Jar (the recipe's for raisin bran crunch cookies, which I could totally get behind) and Nat the Fat Rat.

I'm fine with dairy and soy (not to mention nut and rice milk) now -- so for BlogHer's Month of Breakfast I'm going to commit to trying cereal one day a week, and seeing if I can integrate such an easy morning meal into my routine. Who knows. Maybe I'll come to love it, too.

But I'm totally clueless as to what I might even like. I need your help!

  • I don't like super sweet food, especially in the morning.
  • I do like and am looking for something healthy.
  • I like the taste of whole grain.
  • I am still fairly uninterested in drinking a lot of flavored cold milk at the bottom of the bowl -- I have for cereal milk the level of distaste that Denise has for soup, so I think a cereal that has a nice texture with just a little bit of milk will help me ease into things.

What do you think -- can you help me find a cereal to like?

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