Milk - It doesn't do the body good

4 years ago

Time and time again we are told, "Milk, it does the body good.". And guess what, we believe it. because they tell us.  Who tells us?  hmmmm, lets see Austin Powers, Senator bob Dole, the rugrats, Venus and Serena Williams, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dave matthews, Mia Hamm, Bill Clinton ( who I have heard is lactose intolerant, and is now a vegan) and the list goes on.  You want to find someone with a "milkstache" it wont be hard.

The US government tells us that it is good (like we can believe what they say).  They believe that it is sooooo good that they give dairy farmers ENORMOUS somes of money in the form of a subsidy. Every year.  Then the farmers make extra milk and the government hands it out in the lunch program at your puclic school.  Again, brainwashing unknowing children into believing milk is good for them. 

Well, whats not good about it? It has calcium right? Well yes, it sure does.  but did you know that there are OTHER foods that contain calcium? And guess what? They are good for you.  Most have little or no fat.  That goes for cholesterol too! Dried herbs, yes you read that right, DRIED HERBS have more calcium than milk. Granted, you would have to use a lot of herbs, but that would only benefit you more.  Sesame seeds and tahini have more calcium, tofu has more calcium, almonds and flax seeds have more calcium.

Question, where do the cows get their calcium? Think about that. Im pretty sure those farmers arent supplementing them!  In fact, I am positive.  The calcium comes from what they eat, and they arent eating themselves!

So lets get to the part where I tell you why you shouldnt drink milk!

For startes, milk is for cows.  yep, unless you are a baby cow, it was not meant for you.  Take a minute here and think about what I am going to tell you.  Humans are the only mammal that drink milk from another mammal. Humans are the only mammal to drink milk for longer than the first year of life.

Ok, so did oyu think about it?  I know, some people use goats milk, so why not dogs milk?  Lions milk?  Rats milk?  No?  Why not? Cows are docile creatures that produce A LOT of milk, especially when given all those hormones. Why should farmers waste something that they can sell off to the general public, and the government?

Ok, now lets get to the part where I talk about what is in your milk.  Calcium yes we have already gone over that, but what else in lingering in that creamy white substance? FAT, CHOLESTEROL and lots of it!  Oh yea, there is also casein ( something known to cause cancer) puss, blood and I have also heard there is salmonella and some fecal matter for your drinking pleasure. Oh and dont forget the growth hormones and antibiotics, mmmm.

I know, I know, I always thought, puss and blood, how does that get in there? What happens is this....those cows are given growth hormones to get them to produce milk long after they are supposed to, and to also help them get pregnant again.  So those poor cows are being milked far longer than their little babies would have suckled, bringing infections to their teets. But an infection can take a long time to heal, so thats why they get those good ol antibiotics.  Though it helps, the infections cause the puss and blood to get into the milk that millions of people drink every day.

Oh, just so you know, the FDA knows this, and they actually allow it. yep, they allow a certain amount of all the above in your milk.  Its harmless they say, in small amounts.  But how many small amounts?

Ask yourself, is there anything else I can drink? Yes, google it.  Live outside the box. try Hemp Milk, it is good for you! Almond, soy, coconut the list goes on. Try it all and see which one(s) you like best , just leave the milk to the calves!

I hope this has helped, I could have gone on and on, but my toddlers want to go for a I must oblige. Have a great day everyone!

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