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4 years ago

Tell us about the best meal you ever cooked.

What a question!  I am 47 years old.  I have cooked many,many meals.  The Best meal I have ever cooked,hmm?? What determines best?  Are you eye rolling me?  I know the food needs to be good,tasting wise but what about other factors?

For instance, Christmas Eve.  That is a special dinner.  It is a menu we have only on Christmas Eve.  The food is fairly simple.  Lamp chops.  Red Skin potatoes. Green Bean Casserole.  Simple mixed Salad.

Mixing the Simple Salad Christmas Eve 2011! I do like my Christmas Apron.(I grabbed it from the local grocery store)

Very simple.  BUT, my family looks forward to that dinner every single Christmas Eve AND they don’t have it any other time of the year.  Is that the best meal I have ever cooked,hm?  I don’t know?  What I do know, is that my family loves Christmas Eve dinner.  It is tradition.  They don’t want that meal any other time.  That meal says, “Christmas Eve!”  The Family loves it.  They count on it.  Therefore,in a way, I consider Christmas Eve, my Best meal ever!!

On Christmas Eve I have a co-chef! My husband helps me in the Kitchen AND, he cooks the Lamb Chops!!

Now, if I were to be really,really honest!  One of my best meals EVER happened last year!! AND, it was Thanksgiving.  I cooked my little (well, not so little) bottom off!!

Look at all that Fresh food (well, minus the M&M’s)

Last Thanksgiving, I did more HOMEMADE cooking than I ever have in my entire life!! Stuffing,mashed potatoes! In addition, I did a yam and cranberry style dish,trying to tempt my family (not their favorite type of foods).  The recipes kind of sweetened both things up, they still avoided both.  All that work,ugh!!  Of course, I still did the Green Bean casserole,they love that casserole dish.  You know the one, with Campbell’s mushroom soup and french onions on top!!  I made a Pumpkin Pudding type dessert, light and fluffy.  This year, I am going to try a Pumpkin Pie.  I think I was afraid with everything else I was cooking for the very first time to add a Pie.  I have never made a Pie.  They ate the Pumpkin dessert but they want good old fashion pie.

I even got new plates last year!!To make the meal complete!!

But,This makes it TOTALLY the PERFECT MEAL!!!

The smiling,happy,family faces around the table!!

So, what is your perfect meal?  Do you enjoy cooking? Do you wear an Apron? Would you rather hire a chef or a cleaning lady?

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