Lighter Deviled Eggs Two Ways: Thai Red Curry and Wasabi

4 years ago
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Easter is by far one of my favourite holidays, and not just because of the egg decorating! It’s a time of new life, awakening and newness–just the line of thinking we need after the awful, awful winter we just had.

Long before the Easter bunny came hopping along, eggs were given as gifts on Easter Sunday to commemorate rebirth and the end of Lent. What a treat that must’ve been after the forty egg-free days leading up to Easter!

These days, it’s all about egg hunts, egg decorating and the Easter bunny. Oh, and cute baby animals. And pastels. It really is the prettiest holiday of all. But I digress!

Every year I find myself up to my bunny ears in dyed hard-boiled eggs, wondering what to do with them (yes, I’m an adult and still decorate eggs!).  Some of them we hand paint with flower designs or zigzag patterns and others we leave as is.  Happily, Easter is the perfect occasion to serve a platter of beautiful deviled eggs.

The classic filling for deviled eggs is made with cooked egg yolk, mayonnaise, mustard and seasonings. For a slightly healthier spin on the original, I made two versions using creamy, protein-rich Greek yogurt instead of mayo. This simple swap saves fat and calories without affecting the taste or texture.

Both recipes are fairly spicy, so you may want to reduce the amount of wasabi or curry paste if fiery foods aren’t your cup of tea.

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