July Recipe Roundup

If the recipes a blogger posts in a month says a lot about her, July says “hey world, I love fresh berries”.

I have to admit that I’m not a super organized blogger working off of big dry erase boards and spreadsheets to plan out her posts. What looks good at the grocery store or the farm stand, what my family requests, and often just whatever idea happens to float into my head dictates what I make. I don’t cook or bake to blog, I blog what I cook and bake.

In July I posted 1 breakfast, 2 versions of a lunch recipe (although one could be called a dessert, my kids eat it for lunch and called it good), 2 dinners and 3 baked goods. Five of the nine featured berries because. . . hey world, I love fresh berries.

July Recipe Roundup - Baking In A Tornado


As I’ve mentioned before my posts, like my life, are not about food but include food. So along with the recipes you’ll find some humor and, this month, one very serious discussion called Changing Instincts that’s created a lot of interaction and conversation.

Here are the links to all the recipes I posted on Baking In A Tornado in July:

1) Red White and Blueberry Cookies and I win the crown in a humorous post.

2) Easy Griled Halibut and a serious post called Holding On While Letting Go.

3) Toasted PBJ Cups and a Help Wanted application.

4) Chicken Brunch Cups, a more savory version of the Toasted PBJ Cups, and a monthly humorous look at what goes on at Casa Tornado.

5) Baked Individual Pancake Puffs and the meaning of Independence and Freedom provided by 8 different people of varying ages.

6) Berry Sangria and a monthly writing challenge in which I have to work 6 words or phrases into my post.

7) Lemon Berry Bread and a humorous look at anticipating being an empty nester.

8) Bacon Cheddar Beef Rolls and a serious discussion about whether or not we can change our instincts. This post has gotten a lot of interest both on the blog and on my Facebook page.

9) Berry Ricotta Cinnamon Cups and a humorous post about replacing my kids (nope, no typo).

As always, if you make one of my recipes and want to post it to my Baking In A Tornado FB wall, I’ll share it and give you a shout-out.

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