How to kill your debts, Ninja Style!

4 years ago

Your Beauty and character is not defined by other people, let haters hate!

Want to pay off your debts but you do not know where to start? Do you know how much you need to pay or you are not interested to know?

This is the problem that all of us face once we decided to finally say goodbye to our debts permanently. I owe a whooping amount of 3000$ including the interests and fine print charges, before I've had a serious conversation with the creditor,  I thought that I just owe him 1000$ including everything, luckily I did not suffer from heart attack or else I will be buried with my debts.

I've searched for the best way to combat debts, and I was able to get a lot of information, some are realistic and some were written in the dreamland. I've listed the best tips and I really hope that this will be effective or else I will kill the author of these articles! Of course I am just joking regarding the murder thing. :)

Now before I list down the tips, I need you to prepare your best Ninja costume, any color will do. If you don't kick ass, at least you will be given the best in costume award.

As I have promised, here are the techniques that each one of us can do to destroy debt permanently.

1. Know the amount that you need to pay, it would be helpful if you will excel to tabulate it. Be sure to include the interests and other charges that might be included, assign an individual column for creadit card, loan, mortgage and others.

2. Cut off your credit card, and make sure not to make any further debts, before I started reading money blogs, I actually thought that it is nice to borrow money so that I can pay my other debts, I thought that it is a consolidation of some sort, but I was wrong, so wrong that I hit my own head.

3. Learn how to budget, and do it correctly.

4. Be friends with money experts, ask them to help you regarding your need to learn how to handle your finances like Napoleon Dynamite, I am sure that there are a lot of people who would like to help you out, they will share their best practices and you can also seek some advice from them.

5. Accept the fact that paying your debts will not be a walk in the park, remember that if you want to pay your dues completely you need to make a huge sacrifice, you need to give up your night outs, your beer, your cigarette and everything that is not essential to survive.

6. Be honest with the amount that you can pay per month, do not feed your ego by saying that you can pay your debts completely in 1 month, well it depends on the total amount that needs to be paid, but you need to be honest, so that the creditor's expectation will be set correctly.

7. When you start paying off your debts, make sure to be consistent with the payment, If in case, you cannot pay make sure to inform the creditor, and be sure to have a valid reason. 

I hoped that you enjoyed my article, I am still learning how to do this correctly. :)

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