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4 years ago

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What You Can Do Now

·         Reduce Contaminants at Home: Eat organic foods, limit intake of preservatives, clean with organic products, filter tap water and ban smoking.  Personal care products should be checked for parabens.  Minimize dry cleaning (or air clothing out for several hours) and/ or seek out alternative methods like wet cleaning or liquid carbon dioxide.

·         Avoid BPA.  Look for “BPA-free” label and use plastic containers with recycling labels No.1, 2 and 4 which do not contain the chemical.  Steer clear of No. 7 label which often does.  Store food in stainless steel and glass containers and definitely don’t microwave food in plastics containing BPA.

·         Make informed decisions about Medical Radiation.  Ask your Dr. why an imaging test is recommended and if it’s really necessary.  Keep a record of the scan and x-rays you’ve had so you don’t have to repeat tests unnecessarily and always ask if an alternative test (like MRI or ultrasound) which doesn’t use radiation could get the job done.

·         Cut down on Cell Phone use.  While a link between cell phone use and brain tumors has not been established, the US Toxicology Program is conducting its largest research study ever to find out whether health effects do exist.  Meanwhile, keep cell phone away from your brain, either with handset, speakerphone or Bluetooth device, or texting.  If you have children, curb their use of cell phones as much as possible.

·         Eat More Fruits, Vegetables and Whole Grains.  Berries*, cruciferous veggies (such as cauliflower and broccoli*), tomatoes* and dark leafy greens like kale* and spinach* have valuable cancer-fighting properties, while whole grains such as brown rice* promote a healthy digestive tract.  *In Juice Plus+

·         Rethink Red Meat.  Evidence points to an association between red meat and numerous cancers and abstain from processed types like hot dogs and cold cuts.

·         Eat More Fish high in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon to reduce risk of stroke, heart attack and reduce inflammation, which has been linked to the development of cancer.

·         Limit Alcohol Consumption.  The American Cancer Society advises women have no more than one drink daily.

From A World Without Cancer by Margaret Cuomo, MD



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