Healthy eating : Beating childhood obesity

4 years ago

Childhood obesity.  They say there is an epicemic. Hmmmmm, wonder why.  I see it all around me, the why of it all.  It is on t.v., it is in the stores, it is at every fast food restaurant in the nation. But people still wonder why the children of our nation are getting so FAT.  

 It is from  laziness (and for some, lack of hours in the day) for the most part.  . What is one Happy meal going to hurt?  Well, it depends on how many times it is "one Happy Meal". Once a week? That is still too much.  Do parents even know what they are ffeding their children? Do they know what is IN THOSE DISTURBING LITTLE MEALS???  

Ready made meals from the stores, "snack size" chips. fruit roll up, whole grain cereal. Really, i thought parents were smarter than that.  Cant they read? The labels, they are very disturbing, try reading them, if you cant pronounce an ingredient, you shouldnt eat it.  Corn syrup? It is in almost everything, and unless it is organic, it is GMO. That means that most likely, the corn used to make the syrup, was injected with a poison that causes bugs' stomachs to explode. YUMMO!

 Any animal product, from any fast food joint, inless organic, has a 99% chance of being GMO.  That goes for all the dairy products, milk, cheese, ice cream.  As well as any soy product, and did you know, even those "healty" zucchini thingys. Not to mention all the fat, and salt used to make the whole meal.  Oh, you got them the apple slices instead of the fries?  SO WHAT!  What are you thinking? Just because they have an apple instead of fries makes the burger or chicken nuggets okay?  Did you know that if oyu leave a frozen chicken nugget out on the counter, it MELTS. MMMMMMMMMMM, tasty.

Dont get me wrong, I was there once before, I was guilty of the same.  But not now.  My family has changed their gluttonous ways.  I cant remember the last time we have been through a fast food (not counting coffee).  Almost all of our meals 99.9% are made at home, from whole foods.

  Is it more xpensive? MMM, not really.

Does it take longer. Yes, definately.

Isnt it bland? HELL NO.

Do you eat salads a lot? Only by choice, I love them, so do my 3 year old and 18 month old.

WHAT??? Your babies like salad????

Yep, you betcha.  Wanna know how I did it?  I ate it, they saw me, they wanted some, they liked it, and now they ASK for it. You heard me right!  Monkey see, monkey do.(yes, secrets out, we are monkeys).

My whole point of this rant that has gone haywire, is that children dont grow up wanting crap for food.  They grow up wanting what their PARENTS are eationg.  It IS true, children learn what they live, they want to be like mom and dad.  Do them justice, give them a chance at a healthy life. FEED THEM FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, PLEASE!!!!

If more people ate the right foods, diabetes would take a back seat, and people could enjoy their lives again.  Educate yourselves, you have the world of information at your fingertips, just google it.  if not for yourdelf, do it for your children.  Dont raise them with no chance of being healthy.  I know there are a lot of people who would be mad after reading this, but hopefully some will be informed, and curious. Please, if oyu have questions, do not hesitate to ask me!!  Id I can help save one life, it will all be worth it.  

Happy eating!

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