Have you ever done this while cooking?

5 years ago


One night I was not home and called and asked one of my daughters to put a pan of frozen lasagna in the oven for me.  I figured she couldn't mess that up.  I explained, take it out of the box, place it on a cookie sheet, turn on the oven, and place the pan in.  She calls me a bit later and tells me lasagna is going everywhere in the oven.  What, why, how?  Come to find out, she took the lasagna out of the box and then out of the aluminum pan it comes in and placed it on a cookie sheet in the oven.  Are you serious, who thinks to do that, and how did she even get it out of the pan?  I couldn't believe it.

A friend of mine was going to bake her first cake when she was in high school.  She was going to do it all by herself and was very excited.  Her mother had run an errand and all of a sudden gets a phone call.  She explains to her mom that she followed all the directions on the box but it looks so runny in the bowl, it can't be right.  Mom tells her to wait until she gets home so she can take a look.  When her mother got home and looked in her bowl, she asks, "Where is the cake mix?"  She had put everything in, except the cake mix that was still inside the box.  "What cake mix?" she replies.

Another teenage friend of mine was babysitting for me years ago.  She decided to fry some chicken strips for my daughter for lunch.  So she proceeds to take my CROCK POT and place it on the stove, fills it with cooking oil, and turns on the fire.  Well can you guess what happened?  That's right, it exploded.  Cooking oil was splattered everywhere in my kitchen, and I do mean everywhere.  That was the hardest mess to clean up, but it's hard to get upset when you are so baffled.  "You did what?"

I remember when I first was married.  I was very excited to bake and cook, I wanted to try everything.  So one night I took on homemade fried chicken, one of my favorites.  Well it was so pretty and I was so proud of myself.  We got done eating my splendid meal and I went into the kitchen to put up the dishes.  When I looked down at the dish full of my beautiful chicken that was left, there was blood floating in the bottom of the pan.  OH CRAP!  I cleaned the kitchen and threw out the leftovers.  NO, I did not tell him!  They were very pretty on the outside.

So to all you beginners, if you mess up, don't worry, you never stop learning and you will have some good stories to tell later, or not tell, lol!

Well I'll be darn, while writing this post, I seriously just burnt my tea.  Dang it!  Hmmm, isn't that ironic?

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