Graham Cracker, You've Been Replaced

5 years ago

I have no issues with North America’s collective love affair with s’mores. In fact, I can overlook all the uncomfortable nuisance of sitting around a campfire just for the experience of toasting a perfectly golden molten marshmallow. I have skills, you know. What doesn’t get me excited is graham cracker. It is the weakest link in the s’mores trifecta, easily outshined by melting chocolate and gooey smoky marshmallow. It can barely fulfill its responsibility as delivery vehicle. Something needs to be done.

It’s no secret that I love pretzels in all shapes and forms. When I saw that President’s Choice introduced mini soft pretzel rolls this summer, I snapped up a bag with no second thought. I suspect most people would fill it with grilled sausages but I immediately imagined its potential to elevate s’mores. With crispy crust and soft warm crumb, the pretzel roll would add just the right touch of contrast to chocolate and marshmallows.

S'mores Pretzel Sandwich


One reason I crave pretzels is the salty kick. These pretzel rolls do not have the grainy salt we typically see on pretzel twists. A pinch of fleur de sel on the melting dark chocolate easily did the trick. The balance between salty and sweet makes my version of s’mores more appealing to the grown-up palate.

S'mores Pretzel Sandwich: Assembly

I reassembled the halved bun and toasted it as per package direction. The crust turned out addictively crispy while the inside was soft. Thin wafers of dark chocolate yieldingly melted on the warm bread beneath toasty marshmallows. I wish I built a campfire but when I made the sandwich this morning, a handheld torch was the next best thing. It felt so wrong yet so right to bite into this gooey sandwich….for breakfast.

S'mores Pretzel Sandwich: Ingredients

I used thin dark chocolate wafers I bought in Denmark in this recipe. These popular breakfast chocolate is designed specifically to be layered on your morning toast! They are about as thin as a credit card and melt by the warmth of toast. It certainly makes me wonder why we don’t have them in stores in North America!

In the mean time, I’ll dream about real campfire toasted marshmallows. You bet I’ll not be packing graham cracker to my next camping trip.

Toasting Marshmallows Over Campfire

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