Good riddance, bread

3 years ago

Tootaloo. Bye bye. Farewell. See ya. Wouldn’t want to be ya.

Store bought bread is leaving my house, folks.

My husband and I have been talking for months about how we really want to bake our own bread more consistently. It’s something we have been doing semi-regularly, but we both have had growing convictions about how to make it a part of our weekly or daily family rhythms. Like in a don’t buy store bread anymore kind of way.

Much of this is out of disgust.

Disgust at reading a list of ingredients, thinking, what the heck is all this stuff?! Disgust at the price tag. And our latest disgust- finding bread that doesn’t contain milk or soy (due to a milk/soy allergy in our 6 month old).

Enough is enough.

This is a Nutrimill.

Enter Nutrimill.

This baby is a game changer, friends. It’s all yelling, “PUT ME IN COACH!” And I’m all like, “Whoa, no need to yell. Go get em’ tiger (slap on rear)!”

A Nutrimill is a grain mill. It will mill a variety of grains and beans into varying textures. My plan is to start buying my own wheat berries to mill my own wheat. By milling the same day one preserves the nutrient integrity of grains. The longer a grain sits after it has been milled, the more it becomes oxidized, thus, losing nutrients.

And though I’ve been using whole wheat flour for my bread-making and baking in general, I just don’t know how long it’s been sitting on the store shelves. Or how long it took to get there. Not to mention, or to exactly mention, the unfortunate processing it undergoes, stripping it of it’s close-to-the-earth nutrients that were there originally. Yes, even our store-bought whole wheat (though, it is a much better choice, still, than white flour!).

I realize not everyone has the time, energy or resources to be out there milling their own grains. Believe me, this is just ONE MORE THING for me to fit into my family’s routine. Like, do I shower, vacuum the piles of dog hair off the couch, scrub the baby’s poop explosion clothes and finish my past due blog post while the baby naps??? OR, go mill some berries and bake some bread? We make these choices every day. Well, yours may look a bit different than mine. Point being, we have choices.

We all prioritize things differently. Which means where we spend money, time, energy one place, we sacrifice it elsewhere. Right? Where is your time, energy and money spent? That’s probably where your priorities are. And if you don’t like the reality you’re looking at after answering those questions, you have the choice to choose something different as difficult as it may be.

Before milling.

Today I choose a Nutrimill. Next year perhaps a kick a$$ Vitamix.

For the record, I couldn’t boil an egg, bake a chicken, dice a pepper or cook rice with confidence several years back. I certainly wasn’t born making good nutritional choices either.  Seriously, I used to eat Swiss Cake Rolls by the box. I’ve journeyed a long way and I’ve done it one step at a time.

While we have the records out, I DO choose the shower option.  Sometimes.

This Nutrimill is just my next step towards whole food nutrition.

A step away from the factory.

A step back closer to the earth.

What’s the next nutritional step you’d like to take?


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