The Gluten Free Experiment Needs Your Input

4 years ago

Heads up, my Gluten Free Friends! Rick and I are going GF for the entire month of March, not because we have to, but because we're curious to see if we'll feel better without the gluten. Neither of us has a gluten sensitivity that we're aware of, and we already feel pretty darn fabulous. But if it could get even better, we'll take it. 


So many people are off the gluten these days, for varying reasons, and I get a lot of requests for GF recipes. March is for you, GF darlings! There's a world of wonderful food out there, just waiting to be enjoyed. I'm starting my exploration early, because I suspect there will be a certain amount of trial and error, particularly when it comes to breads and such. I made a pizza crust last night that was actually quite delicious. There's science in this, and I'm doing my research. The resulting dough was a mix of a gluten free focaccia recipe, and a favorite pizza dough recipe from Tassajara. I'm glad I wrote it all down as I went, because this one is repeatable, and I will certainly share it in March!


I'm stocking up on exotic flours, and wishing really, really hard for a great big Kitchenaid mixer (in a pretty color, maybe with tulips painted on it) to help me with all the stirring I'll be doing. One day these big companies will be clamoring to give me their appliances, but for now, I have a very nice olive wood spoon and a strong arm. At least I can take this equipment anywhere in the world.


If you have Gluten Free wishes, please post them here in the comments. I am taking recipe suggestions, and I want to know what's missing from your GF life. Tell me!


(And remember - tomorrow is the drawing for the PV giveaway! You still have time to post comments all over my blog, as many as you like. You could win the sterling silver Bird Necklace!)


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