Garbanzo Beans for Women!

7 months ago
Garbanzo beans or chickpeas are one of the top stars in the legumes category as they contain so many nutrients that are essential for the health of the body. They have so many other benefits that you would want to add them to your diet as a staple. Women have specific dietary requirements during different phases of their life such as during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause etc. Garbanzo beans can provide them all the required nutrients needed in all these phases. Let’s take a look:
1. Pregnancy
They contain minerals and nutrients like magnesium, zinc, and potassium that are always recommended by doctors to their pregnant patients for the proper growth of the baby and the health of the women.  Having a cup or bowl of garbanzo beans eaten regularly can aid in the healthy development of the baby. This will also prevent any defects or diseases happening to the baby.
2. Aids in lactation
Garbanzo beans are not only helpful during pregnancy but also after the birth of the baby. It helps in increasing the lactation levels of women. The best way to get the benefit is by soaking the chickpeas in water overnight and straining them out in the morning. Eat the chickpeas and also drink the water or the milky substance that is left after straining.
3. Corrects hormone levels
Many women these days are suffering from hormonal problems due to adulterated meats and junk foods that are sold everywhere. Eating garbanzo beans optimizes the estrogen levels in women. If women have less estrogen then it increases it and if it’s too much then reduces it. Having excess estrogen causes breast cancer which can be very traumatic for any women to suffer from. So go ahead and get as much garbanzo beans as you can to prevent any diseases.
4. Menopause
Menopause is also one of the very stressful phases a woman goes through in her life. It includes hot flashes, mood changes, palpitations, hormone fluctuations, loss or increase in appetite and loss of calcium. Garbanzo beans have all the required nutrients that can help in greatly reducing if not completely eradicating these symptoms.
5. For healthy bones
Garbanzo beans help in maintaining good bone health because they have the minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus that are really essential for the bones. Women tend to lose a lot of bone density earlier than men and usually lose a lot of calcium around menopause. After menopause, many women tend to get diagnosed with osteoporosis or arthritis which is really bad news for bone health. Eating garbanzo beans can prevent and help in reduce the chances of this happening if eaten regularly.
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