Fancy French Restaurant Internship Survival

4 years ago

Well its official, I have survived two days and have been awarded a permanent spot on the schedule of a Fancy French Restaurant in a world renowned and regarded very French kitchen!  The behind the scenes are pretty amazing, so much to learn, first and foremost a language barrier, so I have my trusty Apps downloaded on my Iphone "Learn French" and the "French today translator" ...also, working in the South you need a Spanish translator, it makes me feel a buzz of excitement to have so much diversity around. 


As an apprentice under a Chef (by the way who has been vetted for many years by Top Chef, but she declined the offer) you must put all presumption, attitude, humility, etc etc aside and as my kindergartner would say "put on your listening ears" and wear no slip shoes ;-)!  I am in overload of so much information of French Food prep and how a French kitchen operates, for someone that loves all things French this is like my crack!  Also, I haven't actually been able to get near the Chef's side of the Coin Cuisine, typical of myself, I repeated a mantra in my head "do not cut yourself on the first day, do not cut yourself on the first day" yep, you got it I did!  The knives had just been sharpened and I took off a chunk of my thumb.... (kind of a right of passage I am told) also, do not do it again!


Aside from my little mishap, I have assisted with some amazing delectable desserts souffle's, tarte, trifle, Chantilly creams, intermezzo from Meyer lemons that are grown in the back patio, creme brulee, and mousse au chocolat.  The souffle process is one that leaves you on the edge of your seat from beginning with the end climax of a perfect pop up of yummy goodness mmmmm.... we serve a trio platter of souffles of Gran Marnier, Chocolat, and Framboise.  If you have never enjoyed a fresh just out of the oven Souffle, it definitely should be on your bucket list!


On the aperitif side I have plated numerous Fromage combos with fresh fruits/nuts, Steak Tartar, Pate's, fresh mixed greens with fromage de chevre paired with pecans (Texas twist).  The steak tartar is one of a kind, the prep of ingredients and then top off with a perfect intact quail egg yolk is an art form served.  My arms are aching today after hand grating rustic style hard Parmesan for what seemed likes hours.  I also was awarded the tedious task of wrapping fresh blanched green beans in paper thin kale leaves... 7 beans and one tight wrap, ugh, I prepped so many of those I dreamed of them last night :(....maybe one day I will dream in French that would be cool, okay off track for a second. 


Although, I assisted with so many amazing dishes the past two days, reality is apparent because I am the bottom of the totem pole as an apprentice (personally, I am just thankful to be part of the French pole) this girl in her Fancy French kitchen got down to the nitty gritty by washing pots/pans, sweeping/mopping the floor and taking out the trash with the young Colombian dishwasher, it is good for the soul!  Just keeping it real ;-)


My dreams of French livin' are coming true and I am so thankful, ecstatic, and over the moon for this opportunity, but this old girl is tired/achy and in need of nap!



Au Revoir & enjoy the photo log of dishes described above!



fromage de chevre  




Steak Tartar








My wound covered with a stylish "hello kitty" bandaid!





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