Eat Your Vegetables Every Day...But Especially June 17

7 years ago

VegetablesWe all know we should be eating five fruits and vegetables every day. But June 17 every year is National Eat Your Vegetables Day, so it's an extra-special opportunity to celebrate these healthy components of our diet. Here are some recent recipe posts that feature vegetables in new and different ways.

Even if you don't think you're a salad fan, this inspiring post from Tara of Tea and Cookies will likely convert you. Tara shares her favorite dressings, as well as thoughts on how she thinks far beyond plain lettuce when assembling a vegetable- or grain-based dish.

Right now I’m getting excited about spring/summer vegetables and waiting eagerly for peas. When they show up -- in the next week or two -- I will toss them in a splash or olive oil and lemon juice, sprinkle them with tarragon and salt, and call them a salad.

Tara's post ends with a long round-up of interesting salad posts from around the blogosphere, as well. It's a great opportunity to head down the rabbit hole (I know...I'm sorry...I just couldn't help it) of many wonderful ideas from all over the Web.

Tara's post introduced me to Anne of 100 Days of Salad, a blog with which I was formerly unfamiliar. From a simple non-recipe for a quinoa salad with preserved lemon vinaigrette to a bright and crunchy jicama and mango salad, she has plenty of great vegetable-centric ideas to share.

Though they can often be found in a salad, radishes are a vegetable with a surprising affinity for the roasting pan. Katie of Thyme for Cooking provides instructions in a recent post, and though it does require turning on the oven, they do roast quickly, so this dish won't heat up your summer kitchen too much before it's ready to go.

If grilling is more your summer style, try the Grilled Yellow Squash with Fresh Dill Vinaigrette and Feta recipe posted by Nicole of Pinch My Salt. Squash is starting to show up in the local farmer's market, and soon it will be high season for it. This dish sounds simple, but the dill adds an unusual touch to the flavors, and will be a nice complement to the salty feta.

Another terrific combination of feta and vegetables is the cool, creamy cucumber dip recipe posted by Alanna of Kitchen Parade. It would be quite refreshing on a summer day, and is a perfect snack for Eat Your Vegetables Day!

Call me sneaky, but come summer, an hour or so before supper, out comes a plate of fresh veggies –- who can spell crudités? who can pronounce CROO-dee-tay? But the real secret weapon, the super-secret one, is the creamy vegetable dip alongside.

Within minutes, hungry folk start to snack, a stick of carrot here, a slice of red pepper there. Without ever "serving" a vegetable, I’ve managed to sneak in one of the day’s vegetable servings. At supper, the plate moves to the table, easy reach for post-supper snacking.

Sneaky yes. But successful.

What vegetables are you bringing to your table these days? Share your favorite salad, vegetable side dish, and vegetable snack ideas in the comments!

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