Delicious Appetizer Bites for Your New Year's Party

5 years ago

A fabulous New Year's Party must include sumptuous appetizers. While I was assembling this collection to serve at a New Year's party, I kept in mind a couple of things:

  • Your guests will be dressed too snazzy to get dirty, so no messy wings or cheesy dip.
  • Heavy mingling will probably happen, so avoid appetizers with garlic or smoked salmon.
  • Little appetizer bites, like your guests at an edgy New Year's Party, are cute and beautifully presented: so save that big pot of chili and beans or meatballs for another affair.

Choose any one of these tasty appetizers to complement your current menu, or make them all! The nice thing about a packaged collection of appetizers, such as the one I've put together below is that there is a good mixture of taste, texture, and look of the appetizers. (ie: there are not just 5 types of dips).

1. Bacon-Wrapped Bread Stick Twists

My friend first made these at my home and they were amazing! Here's a tip: make a double batch—they will be gone in an instant!

2. A Full Charcuterie Plate or Salami and Olive Canapes

If you do not want to make an elaborate charcuterie platter such as the one pictured above here, you can make a smaller, bite sized version, by cutting pieces of bread with a small cookie cutter, layering a piece of salami and then skewering it with half of an olive. Add cheese under the salami if you wish.

3. Mushrooms Stuffed with Potato and Bacon

What is better than a juicy mushroom stuffed with one of the most popular side dishes, and kicked up with some bacon?  Not much!

4.  Mushroom (or Spinach) Swiss Cheese Pouffs

These are always a guest favorite of mine. It also looks like you spent a day making them. You can substitute the mushrooms for frozen, well drained spinach here, too, for some extra color and veggies.


5.Veggies in Shot Glass

What a fun and festive way to serve veggies! It is also a good contrast to the more decadent appetizers. In each shot glass, pour ranch dressing (I find this to work the best). Cut the veggies like matchsticks and insert into the glasses! Veggies you can use are cucumbers, red, green, and yellow peppers and carrots. Add a sprig of chive to liven it up, visually.

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