Cupcakes and My Girls...xoxo

4 years ago

  When Kellie and Alyson wanted to bake and decorate cakes today, I willingly obliged them with some lemon cupcakes for Alyson and chocolate cake for Kellie.  Why not...we can celebrate anything in this house with cake, and Kellie did drive us home safely with her brand new learner's permit!  So, yeah...let's make cake!

  I have always loved spending time with my children doing anything "crafty".  We've made holiday ornaments with apple sauce / glue/ and cinnamon several times, we've sewn many costumes for playing dress up around the house to international beauty pageants, you name it...we've probably tried it.  One of my favorite craft supply cabinets has ancient hand prints from the preschool years of Marina and Kellie...sure the wheels have fallen off and it's more of an antique white now with lots of graffiti...but the memories that were made from the contents of that cabinets made smiles big enough to carry me through many tough times.

 As Kellie rushed through some buttercream roses (you know how impatient teenagers are) and shrugged off any gestures on my behalf to assist her in her technique, Alyson diligently and with much exuberance went to work on her cupcakes!  And me? I was smiling...admittedly, I was slightly frustrated that Kellie refused to let me help her execute proper technique for a rose, but all - in - all this mommy was super happy and proud!  My girls, 11 years apart in age, were having fun together.  Each focused on their own project, and totally enjoying themselves.

 Kellie teaches me to step back, have patience, and just enjoy watching her become her own woman.  Alyson teaches me to step back, have patience, and just enjoy these younger years while I still have them as she becomes her own person.  Both teach me that no matter what happens, there will ALWAYS be plenty of dishes in the sink at the end of the day just waiting on "mommy" aka me, to clean them...because the moment they finished their cakes, they were on to a new project...something called a TV.  ;)

I love 'em, those kids of mine!  They sure have made life sweeter!,


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