Cooking with Fresh Herbs: Mint

9 years ago

Mint Plant
I'm writing a linked series of posts on about Cooking With Fresh Herbs, and so far we've drooled over recipes using cilantro, tarragon, and parsley. Now Susan from The Lil' Mommy That Could has requested ideas for mint, which is something I love to cook with. If your only inspiration for mint is using it for summer drinks, read on!

If you'd like to start growing your own herbs, Mint is one of the easiest herbs to grow. It grows quickly, and needs minimal sun, water, or fertilizer compared to most other herbs. In fact, mint almost grows too well; anyone who knows about growing mint will remind you that the plant quickly becomes invasive, and needs to be contained. In my own garden, I use a plastic barrier pounded into the ground to keep the mint from spreading, and I still have to be consistent about weeding it. If you have a flower bed that's bordered by sidewalks, that's a perfect spot for mint, or it can easily be grown in pots outside. The Kitchn also suggests growing mint indoors, which can work if you have a window that gets sun at least part of the day.

There are many types of mint, but the most common are spearmint and peppermint. Wikipedia doesn't distinguish between the types of mint when it talks about culinary uses or mint, although some sources say spearmint is used more often for cooking. Peppermint is often used in tea, ice cream, candy, gum and toothpaste. Spearmint is probably the type most commonly found in gardens, although quite honestly I couldn't tell you for sure which type I've been growing for years.

Mint is often used raw, and the leaves are usually chopped or pounded to release the oil which produces the minty flavor. It may be an herb you'll want to use in small amounts at first, but for mint fans like myself, a dish can hardly have too much mint. Mint is a common ingredient in European, Middle Eastern, or African foods, and is also used in drinks, cocktails, and desserts. Now here are so great ideas to get you started cooking with mint. And if you have a favorite recipe that uses fresh mint, please share the link or recipe in the comments.

Drinks with Mint
Lemon Mint Cucumber Water from A Veggie Venture
Apple Ginger Mint Iced Tea from Steamy Kitchen
Mint Tea from Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once
Sparkling Ginger Lime and Mint Cooler from Steamy Kitchen
An Ode to the Mint Julep from Slashfood
Mint Gimlet from Gastronomie
Lavender Mint Tea from Andrea's Recipes
Mint Smoothie from Diet, Dessert, and Dogs

Mint Jelly or Sauces
Fresh Pea and Mint Pesto from Closet Cooking
Mint Jelly from Simply Recipes
Cool Spinach Raita from One Hot Stove
Mint Jelly from Coffee and Cornbread
Cucumber and Mint Raita from Coffee and Vanilla

Mint with Fruit
Canteloupe Strawberry Salad with Lime Syrup and Mint from Andrea's Recipes
Tropical Fruit Salad with a Hint of Mint from What's For Lunch Honey

Mint with Vegetables
Zucchini Breakfast Bake from Morsels and Musings
Peas with Olive Oil and Mint from The Wednesday Chef
Zucchini Moons with Mint & Parsley from A Veggie Venture
Zucchini Mint Soup from Cooking with Amy
Mint Carrot Soup from Chocolate and Zucchini
Braised Zucchini with Mint and Lemon from The Wednesday Chef
Fried Eggplant with Walnut and Mint Sauce from What Did You Eat
Green Pea and Mint Soup from Fun and Food

Mint with Pasta, Grains or Legumes
Sweet Pea and Mint Cannelloni from What Did You Eat
Mint Rice from The Yum Blog
Fresh Lemon Pasta with Spring Peas and Mint from Ms. Adventures in Italy
Fussili with Zucchini, Mint, and Cream from Daily Unadventures in Cooking
Minty Dal Two Ways from Maninas: Food Matters
Green Vegetables Rice from Quick and Easy Recipes: Delectable Victuals
Quinoa Tabbouleh from Canela & Comino

Salads with Mint
Cous Cous Salad from What's For Lunch Honey
Salad with Lime-Mint Dressing from Pinch My Salt
Spicy Sprimp Salad with Mint from Bitten
Cucumber Salad with Mint and Feta from Simply Recipes
Chopped Tomato and Cucumber Salad with Mint, Feta, Lemon, and Thyme from Kalyn's Kitchen
Potato, Pancetta, and Mint Salad from Cook (Almost) Anything At Least Once
Cucumber and Avocado Salad with Lime, Mint, and Feta from Kalyn's Kitchen

Main Dishes with Mint
Honey Mint Glazed Chicken from Simply Recipes
Mint Paneer from A Life (Time) of Cooking
Grilled Opah with Mint and Basil Chutney from Dani Spies
Roasted Wild Salmon with Mustard-Mint-Parsley Sauce from Kalyn's Kitchen

Mint in Desserts
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Simply Recipes
Fresh Mint Ice Cream from Orangette
Coconut and Herbal Mint Cupcakes from Vanilla Garlic

Find more mint recipes using Food Blog Search.
You can use the tag Cooking with Fresh Herbs to find all the herb posts in this BlogHer series.

Blogher Food and Drink Contributing Editor Kalyn Denny also blogs at Kalyn's Kitchen where she loves to use mint in dishes like Spicy Grilled Eggplant with Red Pepper, Parsley, or Mint.

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