Chocolate Sesame Butter Cookies

Soft Chocolate Sesame Butter Cookies are Sandwiched around a Sweet and Decadent Chocolate Sesame Buttercream Filling, and Dipped in Dark Chocolate.  Indulge your Deep Chocolate craving with these Rich and Nutty Cookies.  (Great Substitute for those with Nut Allergies!)

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Chocolate Sesame Butter Sandwich Cookies | Baking a Moment

Did you have a nice Mother's Day?  I did!  My 7 year old woke me up promptly at 7 am to tell me it was Mother's Day.  In case I had forgotten, you know, that it's my day to sleep in and all ;)

But it was all good because 20 minutes after that he made me coffee (all by himself!) and brought it up to me so I could drink it in bed.  That kid is a keeper, I'm telling ya.  Now that I know he can do that, you better believe I plan on exploiting it to the fullest.

We all had brunch together and it was so nice ( :) mimosas! :) ), but before we did that I just had to take advantage of the utterly spectacular weather, and the rare occasion that none of us had stains on our shirts.  So I whipped out the ol' tripod and snapped as many pics as my wiggly 5 year old could endure.


So here we are, beginning a new week, and I'm so excited to show you these fabulous cookies today, because, a) they are outrageous! and b) the star ingredient is a fabulous new product I only recently discovered.

It's Soom Chocolate Sesame Butter!

Soom Chocolate Sesame Butter | Baking a Moment

Have you heard about it yet?  It's naturally gluten-free, vegan, certified kosher and non-GMO.  It's made from the highest quality, Ethiopian white Humera sesame seeds.  It's way lower in sugar than most other chocolate spreads (only 7 grams of sugar, plus 4 grams of protein and 15% of your daily iron).  It's a local Philadelphia company (<--LOVE that!), started by three sisters.  And it's got a great, super nutty, deep chocolate-y flavor.

Shelby, Jackie and Amy were kind enough to send me a jar, and I just fell head over heels for the stuff.  It is so good.  It's soooorta like Nutella, but less sweet (which is a plus, in my opinion).  Also it's very nutty, but not in a hazelnutty kind of way.  More in a peanutty kind of way.  You know how when you make a peanut dressing for noodles or whatever, you add toasted sesame oil, but it adds an even peanuttier taste?  It's like that.  Sesame, all the way, but a little peanutty tasting.

There's no peanut in it, in case I've totally confused you by now.  In fact, there's no nut of any kind, which is why I'm thinking it would make a great substitute for families with tree nut allergies.

I made it into cookies!

Chocolate Sesame Butter Sandwich Cookies | Baking a Moment

And then I sandwiched the cookies around a creamy chocolate sesame buttercream filling.  And then I dipped them in dark chocolate.  And then I sprinkled them with sesame seeds.  Because I just. can't. stop.

Chocolate Sesame Butter Sandwich Cookies | Baking a Moment

Send help.  Please.

I don't know what it is with these cookies, they just keep jumping into my mouth.  Soon they will be all gone.  And I will need to buy more chocolate sesame butter so's I can make more.

Chocolate Sesame Butter Sandwich Cookies | Baking a Moment

If you are in Northeastern US (like me!) we can buy Soom at these fine establishments:

  • Swarthmore Co-Op (PA)
  • Martindale’s Natural Market (PA)
  • Weaver’s Way Co-Op (PA)
  • Essene Market & Cafe (PA)
  • Bunn’s Natural Foods (PA)
  • Milk and Honey Market (PA)
  • Big Bear Natural Foods (NJ)
  • Moti’s Market (MD)
  • Shalom Kosher (MD)
  • Yekta (MD)
  • Brookville Market (DC)
  • The Mediterranean Way (DC)

Or, you can have it shipped to you from Amazon!

Chocolate Sesame Butter Sandwich Cookies | Baking a Moment

Or, if you are very lucky, you could win a jar! 

Also, if you are into giveaways and that sort of thing, there's just one more day left before our Hodgson Mill giveaway goes poof!  Click here to enter, but make sure you enter this Soom giveaway first!  Trust me, you're going to want some of this stuff, to make cookies with ;)

PS- I'm heading to Miami (woo-hoo!) on Thursday for the BlogHer Food conference.  I can't wait!  Obvs, I'm going to be busy packing, traveling, schmoozing, traveling, and unpacking for the next several days.  I'll do my best to keep up with ya, but please go easy on me if I fall behind on answering comments and stuff like that.  I promise to make it up to you with one more fabulous giveaway (!) before the week's over!

Please visit Baking a Moment to view the full post, download the recipe, and enter the giveaway!

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**I was gifted a product sample of Chocolate Sesame Butter by Soom Foods.  All opinions stated here are straight from my heart.**

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