Catherine McCord Releases Weelicious Cookbook, Appears at Sur La Table

5 years ago

[Editor's Note: Over the next month, Catherine McCord will be doing cooking demonstrations and talking about her new Weelicious cookbook at Sur La Table stores around the country. Check out the schedule to catch her at a store near you! If you don't see your city, check back—they're planning to add more dates soon. --Genie]

Last month was a big one for Catherine McCord of Weelicious: Her Weelicious cookbook was released, and she appeared on the TODAY Show to talk about the book and some of her favorite recipes. She live-blogged Barbra Streisand's appearance on Katie Couric's new syndicated talk show—as part of that gig.

In September, BlogHer caught up with Catherine about her blog philosophy, her video blogging, her new cookbook, and what's ahead. Read on to learn more, and be sure to contribute your questions—for Barbra Streisand or for Catherine—in the comments!

Genie Gratto: What's your Weelicious philosophy? What do you think is most important when trying to feed the whole family?

Catherine McCord: The Weelicious philosophy is all about fast, easy, and fresh recipes, and making kids great eaters from day one while making a mom's life in the kitchen much easier! The most important thing when feeding a family is offering a variety of nutritious foods, cooking, and eating together as often as possible. Even if it's only one meal a day, do what works for your family!

GG: What inspired you to start the blog?

CM: I had gone to culinary school, and worked in restaurants and catering companies, but when it came to feeding my new baby, I didn't know where to start. I scoured the internet for simple homemade baby food recipes, but couldn't find many that were really interesting. It was my mission to figure out how to make kids great eaters from the very first bite, while keeping my sanity at the same time!

GG: Your site incorporates a lot of videos. Why did you choose to go beyond the written and still-photographed post?

CM: I wanted to show parents it's possible to cook with kids, and show them how much it gets kids excited about the foods they should be eating.

GG: What is the best, untold behind-the-scenes story from producing your videos?

CM: There's a reason people say never work with kids and dogs. They're unpredictable! There was also the towel that caught on fire on the stove. Oops!

GG: What makes Weelicious: One Family. One Meal different from other cookbooks on the market? What's most unique about it?

CM: Weelicious is all about including kids in the process of making simple recipes that even moms who rarely cook can pull off. It's packed with all kinds of tips and ideas to get even the pickiest of eaters excited about food! No sneaking, just straightforward information and tricks to pull off three meals a day that everyone loves, no matter their age!

GG: What was the most challenging aspect of putting together a cookbook?

CM: Attempting to be a full-time mom at the same time. Life's a juggle!

GG: Just to whet everyone's appetites, what are your favorite recipes from the new book, and why?

CM: The recipe for veggie nuggets is my favorite. Weelicious readers have asked me to come up with a recipe like this for years, and this one has become my total go-to. It make five times the amount of a $5 box from the grocery! I could also eat the turkey pesto meatballs, shrimp tacos, vanilla apple pancakes, miso fish, and homemade graham crackers all day long!

GG: What advice do you have for moms who have thrown up their hands when it comes to cooking for their families? How do you like to inspire them to start again?

CM: Don't give up! The book is filled with simple changes that make meal planning a breeze. Tips like freezing everything help a ton, too. My freezer is stocked with muffins, cookies, waffles, pancakes, easy-to-reheat entrees, and more.

GG: When will you appear on the Today show this week, and what will you be talking about?

CM: Tuesday, September 18 at 9:45am. Set your DVR if you're going to be out and about! I'll be making red beet and white bean hummus, raspberry cream cheese heart tarts, and veggie nuggets, and talking about how to get more veggies in recipes without feeling the need to sneak!

GG: How were you selected to live-blog for "Katie"? What's involved with that role?

CM: I started writing for the Katie Blog last month. When they found out I was going to be in NYC this week, I got the call. Did you hear me scream with excitement across the country? I'm a crazy-huge Katie fan! I sat on the edge of my chair at BlogHer this year listening to her speak.

Do you have a question for Catherine about the new Weelicious cookbook? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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