Butter Oil - What Is it?

9 years ago

A while ago a good friend of mine gave me a gorgeous bottle filled with "Butter Oil". I had never heard of it and the first time I cooked with it I was really taken away by the fantastic rich buttery flavor it gave.

I decided to do a research on butter oil and was pleasantly surprised at the little I found about butter oil.

I posted an article about it on my blog and got a few interesting comments regarding the product.

As I researched it I realized that it is an insider's tip and it's popularity has only just started in Europe. So, what is butter oil?

Butter oil is a wonderful delicate oil made of canola, however by no means to be mistaken for the canola oil one buys in a supermarket. Butter oil is only available in a few delicatessen stores or can be bought online here in Germany. This oil was primarily developed for clinics and the gastronomy and has no cholesterol. Furthermore, it does not have such a large quotient of saturated fats like butter, in fact butter oil has over 60% unsaturated fats and 10% omega-3 fats, making it extremely healthy.

You can pretty much replace all the oils and fats in your kitchen with this oil. One can use it to bake, roast, for salads or even on bread instead of butter or margarine.

You can clearly smell and taste the buttery aroma. The oil is produced by adding a synthetic blend of naturally identical flavoring substances. Of course, one can simply enjoy the healthy advantages of the inexpensive canola oil, which is available as a refined, neutral tasting and authentic cooking oil in every supermarket. However, for an exquisite butter aroma to top your elegant dishes or for health purposes, butter oil is unbeatable.

Note: The difference between the North American and European canola is, that the European canola is not genetically modified. The European Union has banned the importation of genetically manipulated crops like canola, and it has not adopted the new name "canola" to be used for rapeseed oils.

I was unable to find much reference to butter oil or refined canola oil in the US. My research was mostly done through websites and documents in the library I found in German.

I would love to know if anyone else has had experience with the oil. So, I am leaving this as an open post. If anyone has reference or knows where to find butter oil in your home country, or simply has more information on it, leave your comments in the comments section of this post.

Look forward to your views.

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