Beware the Cherpumple, Mutant Cake-Pie Thing!

6 years ago

The bottom layer is an apple pie inside a spice cake.

The middle layer is a pumpkin pie inside a yellow cake.

The top layer is a cherry pie inside a white cake.


Its inventor calls it "a dessert turducken. (A turducken, of course, is a turkey stuffed with a chicken stuffed with a duck.)

It's been taken as an olive branch in the eternal cake vs. pie debate (though I think Hyperbole and a Half already pretty much destroyed any pro-cake arguments with infallible logic and visual aids).

Bloggers Who Have Tried (or Made!) Cherpumple

Jan's Daily Dish tried it at the insistence of a holiday guest, and "was not a fan."

Dinner With Julie made a two-layer version (no pumpkin, so a … cherple?). Appropriately, it played the part of Gluttony in a Seven Deadly Sins-themed dinner party.

Baking Bites found a much more polished version: The Pumpple (pumpkin in chocolate, apple in white cake).

Cherpumple in the News

Of course cherpumple hasn't escaped the media. The SF Weekly made it from scratch, clocked it start to finish at five hours, and took it to rowdy local bar Zeitgeist to share. (Where was I?)

Wall Street Journal coined the excellent phrase "to go full cherpumple" in its coverage.

I am not making this one. Of course I'm not making it. I'm the person who still hasn't mastered pie weights. This looks hard.

But the real question is, would I eat it? I'd try it, but in terms of frankenbaking I'd much rather taste an apple pie with a bacon lattice. Maybe I will bake that one just to finally try it...

Would you eat a cherpumple? Would you make one?

Today's pie: lamb shepherd's pie. Sweat two leeks in butter and add 1 lb ground lamb with salt and pepper (and any other seasoning you like) to taste; brown. Place in pie tin; top with champ -- mashed potatoes mixed with sautéed cabbage. (Use about 4 medium Yukon Golds and 1/4 of a normal cabbage head, shredded. Mash with whatever you usually do; I used some more butter, cream, salt and pepper.) Bake at 350 until bubbly, about half an hour. Eat while rain is rattling your windows.

Have you seen all the pies I've blogged so far this month? I'm talking about pie every day in November at the Month of Pies archive.

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