Best Baking Tips Which No One Has Told You Ever

3 years ago

Do you also wonder why your cake doesn't come out as the way they should? Why the baker's cake is spongier than yours? Are they using margarine instead of butter? Do they have any secret ingredients which they do not disclose to you in their recipe book etc.?

 I use to feel the same way when my cakes used to come out flat from the oven but over a period of time, I have learned some tricks which I will be sharing with you all today. I hope these tips will be as useful to you as they are to me. The below given are the cheat code for the people who love to do baking at home-

  1. Always measure the components of the dish with the digital kitchen meter. Baking is a science and you do not want to go wrong in the measurement of the material.
  2. Eggs separate the best when they are cold however, they whip the best when they are at the room temperature. So wait for a while after separating the eggs. Do not whip them fresh from the fridge.
  3. Beat egg York with fork before adding them to the batter. Do not over beat them.
  4. While baking, always use margarine instead of butter. It is light and mix well with the ingredients and provide that golden crust to your cakes, pastries etc.
  5. A pinch of salt will do wonders to your sweet baked goods. It's the industry secret which all the chefs swears by.
  6. Get an oven thermometer. They will give you the accurate reading as well as the desired temperature for your baking.
  7. Do not forget to rotate your cake after every 20 minutes of baking however, don't be impatient and keep rotating the cakes before 20 minutes.
  8. Never remove the cakes or pastries from the pan immediately. Give them a resting time of about 20 minutes on the pan or the rack before touching them.
  9. Before staring the icing, make sure that there are no crumbs on the cake. Brush all of them away with the help of pastry brush.
  10. Give the gap of 15 minutes before each layering. After each later, place your cakes in the refrigerator. Also, it's never advisable to have a runny layering material.
  11. If you do not have time to layer your cake before serving, just sprinkle some powder sugar and shredded coconut. That's all you actually require for a simple humble homemade cake.

Trust me and follow all the instruction given above while baking and you will see the actual different in the final product. If you also have some tricks and tips for baking do write back to us so that we can also try them. Happy baking!!


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