Baking 101

a year ago
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Baking is not just something that you do once to impress a boyfriend or to show off to family or to prove to youself that you can and will do something. Baking is an art and if your here you are probably wanting to learn how to bake. Listen... I can't teach you how to bake through a computer. So instead I'm going to give you some tips on how you can make baking more interesting and how you can get into it.
1. If you're on instagram alot you probably see all of these things that are super cute that you really want recreate. Well then do that.
2. If you have the right baking stuff it make's things a whole lot easier. Trust me. For example you want to level a cake but can never get it even? Go to Walmart and get a cake leveler. (And yes Walmart does actually sell alot of wilton products. I was surprised to)
3. I'm not saying that you should get baking fever but try to expand your "baking vocabulary" over a certain amount of time.
4. Make sure you have all of the ingredients before you start baking because if you find out that you dont have milk half way through you are number one going to be wasting a bunch of ingredients and to your to have been super happy and excited until this happened so your hopes are going to be crushed.
5. I probably sound like such a kid for saying this but... I really like bright colors especially when they're lined up in rainbow!
6. Bake often so that you don't feel lose the feel for it. If you can't bake then at very best cook a decent home cooked meal.
7. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT POUR A CUP OF FLOUR INTO THE MIXING BOWL AND THEN TURN THE BEATERS ON TO HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really hope that this site helped you. I really like helping people especially when it comes to baking. I am a total addict. Then again if someone or something is making you do this and you really don't think it's for you. Don't do it because trust me in the end someone will get hurt either emotionally or physically.