An Apple (Cake) a Day: 10 Recipes to Keep the Doctor Away

9 years ago
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Put your nose in the air in early October, you'll soon catch a sniff of cinnamon. (Or maybe nutmeg, but definitely cinnamon.) That's because someone nearby, I predict, is baking an apple cake. It's that time of year! We're so ready to start baking again, after (mostly unsuccessfully) ignoring our ovens all hot-summer long. Fall is apple-cake season, no doubt. I can't guarantee the doctor bit but I can promise some tasting eating, thanks to some of the apple cake recipes from my favorite food bloggers.

Poor Girl Gourmet ~ Ricotta Apple Cake with Cider-Maple Glaze
"... I'll be making this cake - perhaps two - to bring along to my brother-in-law's for the [family] celebration. It serves dual purpose, breakfast and dessert, and with twenty or so people packed into his house for three days, we'll eat our fair share of both."

The Repressed Pastry Chef ~ Fresh Apple Cake
"I highly recommend this cake. It comes together about as easily as can be… the cake is moist and flavorful and the apples add a delicious top layer that can only be described as 'the icing on the cake!'"

The Wednesday Chef ~ Teddie's Apple Cake
"It's got this wonderfully craggy top, all mountains and valleys of soft apples jutting upwards through the cake and slumping down gently into the crumb, and a faintly shattering crust. "

The Way the Cookie Crumbles ~ Applesauce Snack Cake
"You must make this cake. I try not to say that. I know everyone has their own preferences. Not everyone likes to bake. There is no shortage of apple cake recipes. But – You must make this cake."

Smitten Kitchen ~ Mom's Apple Cake
"The cake gets better the second day, when the apples juices seep further into the cake and I have seen the conviction of many a chocolate-obsessed/fruit dessert non-believers crumble upon trying a single slice of it. The apple cake, it’s some good stuff."

101 Cookbooks ~ Unfussy Apple Cake
"A big, floppy dollop of boozy, slightly sweet whipped cream takes this cake over the top."

Simply Recipes ~ Mrs Paxton's Raw Apple Cake
"You simply cannot go wrong with this raw apple cake. The ingredients of coconut and the apples ensure that the cake will be moist and flavorful."

Eliza Domestica ~ Apple Cake
"[My husband] would always go for chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, but there was nothing else for me but [my mother-in-law's] apple cake. It’s rich, decadent and full of apples. I also love the brown sugar frosting called penuche, it is rich and complements the apple cake beautifully."

The Cookie Shop ~ Best Apple Cake of the Whole Wide World
"This cake is very moist and tender, and the cinnamon scent will take over your kitchen when it’s in the oven. The top, best part, gets this delicious and melt-in-your-mouth and beautiful and crumbly texture."

Desert Candy ~ Overnight Apple Cake
"If you've ever baked you know that yeast doughs are often left overnight, and that extra rest can give the dough or sponge magical lifting power. That idea of overnight magic is what attracted me to a little recipe for an apple cake: sliced apples are layered with some sugar and baked slowly overnight. In all honesty, I was sure it wouldn't work ... "

And you?
And you, what's your favorite apple cake recipe? Leave a recipe or a link to a recipe in the comments!

BlogHer food editor Alanna Kellogg fell in love with Nami-Nami's Non-Canadian Apple Cake and with Pille's permission, ate it up as Estonian Apple Cake.

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