Accidental Turkey Pasole Recipe for KM

4 years ago

Dear Kelly Marie, 

I'm so sorry it took so long to write this recipe! Most of my soup recipes come out of my head from watching my Grandmother Espensen cook the worlds best soup. Apparently I've been blessed with the good cook gene because most everyone loves my soups.

Anyway, although I am photo less, I will write this for you! I'm going to add it to my meal plan for next week and add photos then.

So what I did was buy a turkey breast from Peapod. No, that's not a shameless plug but if you ever decide to use them, use the refer a friend code ;) I cooked the turkey breast in the oven and served it to Ed and Michael with smashed potatoes. When dinner was done, I threw the leftover turkey (bones too, skin too) into a soup pot, covered it with water, added a dash of kosher salt and a large onion quartered. I also added a few stalks of celery and some California seasoned pepper that I got at Penzey's. I threw in a couple of dried chili pods (the red ones) and some spicy seasoned salt.

oh oh oh Kelly, don't forget oregano, and basil and cilantro! I used dried spices…again, I love love love Penzey's. They have a great one called adobo and it is the main secret ingredient in many of my dishes. I'd say at least a teaspoon full of each. AND GARLIC, duh Karen. I use the crushed garlic that comes in a jar at Trader Joe's and I add about a tablespoon of that to the broth pot too. Let that boil for at least an hour. I've done it in the crockpot too, it makes a super concentrated broth that I water down after transferring it to a big soup pot.


Strain into another pot, set turkey aside to cool for later forking.

In a frying pan, cook some chopped onion and celery with a little olive oil, until they are translucent. Then add the onions and celery to the broth.

Here comes the fun part! Opening cans! Michael usually buys the hominy in huge cans in the grocery store near the Spanish side of town. If I have one of those, that's usually enough. Otherwise, use the regular size hominy cans found in the latin section. I used three cans. Then I accidentally added a can of pinto beans that I thought were the 4th can of hominy.

But you guys loved it with the beans, so I'll keep that part of the recipe and OFFICIALLY change the title of the recipe to: ACCIDENTAL Turkey Pasole.

Love, Karen

PS: Do you want the chili gravy recipe too Miss KayEm?


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