7 Ways To Access Straight From The Farm Coffee Seeds

a year ago
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Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. From Asia to the Americas, all across Europe and Africa, coffee is well known and enjoyed by so many people. This much liked drink however goes through a lot of processes before getting into the cup.

Coffee is mainly grown in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, from where it finds its way all over. Because of the popularity it enjoys, it’s very necessary to ensure one gets quality coffee to avoid settling for less. It’s well known that some suppliers supply poor quality coffee, randomly picked up just to supplement the demand they have.
To maintain a steady supply of quality coffee, it’s necessary to go straight to the source, to the very farms where they are grown or get from people who get theirs from these farms. This isn’t always easy. However, with the seven ways mentioned below, the task of accessing straight from the farm coffee seeds can be lightened for you.
  • Go direct to the coffee farmers
This is quite a task in all fairness. Coffee is grown in the tropics and subtropical regions of the world. This includes countries like Nicaragua, Mexico, Rwanda, Kenya, Peru, Chile and many more. Imagine being a user in Europe having to reach out to a coffee farmer in the jungles of Peru. Not very unpleasant I guess.
However, nothing is ever too much if you want to guarantee quality. Going down straight to source is a most reliable option.
  • Buy straight from an importer
Just like cars, crude oil, metal works and other foods are imported in countries where they aren’t produced, so also is coffee. Importers leverage on the gap between the demand for coffee in certain places, especially in areas where it can’t be produced, to import and distribute coffee to the wanting populace.
By reaching out to these importers directly, you can be sure to get your hands on quality coffee seeds fresh of the farm.
  • Contacting coffee roasters directly online
Thanks to the internet, we can find whatever thing we want just at our fingertips. A communication link has been created between people who demand a service or product and the very people who can fill this gap.
Coffee roasters abound excessively on the internet, ready to make money directly from their product. Home coffee roasters marketplace is one of the leading provider of different flavours of coffee with direct access to the farm. Reaching out to these people will ensure you get access to fresh coffee seeds straight off the farms wherever the roasters are. You should however be sure to use only reliable roasters to avoid being scammed.
  • From the middlemen
In the chain of production, the middlemen act to move products from the producers to the consumers. These middlemen could be retailers, wholesalers or other coffee dealers.
Reaching out to them should help you get access to quality coffee seeds straight from the farm. Ensure that the seeds are of high quality and flavor.
  • Reach out to farmers’ cooperatives
All over the world in coffee producing regions, farmers have formed cooperative societies to protect their interest and incomes. These cooperatives act to eliminate the need for middlemen by reaching out directly to the coffee consumers who pay a fair price unlike the middlemen.
Getting across to any of the known farmers’ cooperatives in these coffee producing regions could be your way to getting coffee seeds right off the farm.\
  • Online coffee shops
Again, one other good thing the internet has done is provide the platform to buy whatever we want without stepping outside our homes. Online shops and stores now offer the same services as our local markets and stores.
Several online shops, notably coffeeCSA.org, sell quality coffee just off from the harvest field. This solves the problem of supply and enables you access the fresh coffee seeds you so desire.
  • Get involved
There’s no better way to get what you want than to get involved in producing it. People in coffee producing regions can get into the business of coffee production. This way, access to fresh seeds is guaranteed all year round.
Those in faraway places can get involved by purchasing farms, investing in existing coffee farms in return for supply of the product. Everyone wins with this arrangement.

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