The Zombies vs Unicorns Gift Guide

6 years ago

Still need ideas for family, friends, teachers, coworkers, bloggers, zombie lovers, special needs kids, app addicts, photographers, style mavens, or foodies? We've got you covered and then some with our gift guides, chosen by BlogHer staff, contributing editors and members. We wouldn't steer you wrong.


You've stated your allegiance. You, and your gift recipients, have chosen to support either #teamzombie or #teamunicorn. Now it's time to get your gift guide ready. Here are some items you might want to consider.

The ultimate gift this year, for both #teamzombie and #teamunicorn, is the most excellent book Zombies vs. Unicorns, edited by Justine Larbelestier and Holly Black. Featuring stories from some of the best young adult authors, I really cannot recommend it enough. My personal favorites were Meg Cabot's "Princess Prettypants" and Holly Black's "Prom Night." There are few gifts, however, that are really applicable to all sides so I've broken it down into teams.

Team Zombie:

The zombie apocalypse is coming and one must be prepared. How do you adjust to life as a zombie? Don't worry, there's a book for everything. I give you So Now You're a Zombie: A Handbook for the Newly Undead by John Austin. For bonus reading try How to Speak Zombie and The Zen of ZEO: Better Living Through the Undead by Scott Kenemore.

Every hunter needs a trophy right? Let's be honest, not all of us are going to be unicorn-hunting zombies but that doesn't mean we can't benefit from their labors. I give you canned unicorn meat, with extra sparkles! Don't worry, I'm sure the zombies ate all the unicorn brains.

Good with the needles? Knit your beloved undead a zombie hat.

Sometimes you just need to be a bit extravagant. You would need to contact her representatives at Naked State Gallery for availability and prices but Jessica Harrison's zombie figurines are really quite magnificent.

Even little zombies need toys. How about some DIY zombie barbies?

Zombie ladies deserve a little bling. Zombies prize heads above all else -- that's where you find yummy brains. Zombie Head is your one-stop shop for zombie head jewelery.

Every underground organizations needs a zine and zombies really are the ultimate underground organization, at least in my opinion. Microcosm Publishing has a great selection of zombie zines.

Team Unicorn:

I swear that the people in this avenging unicorn play set are zombies even though they don't look like it. Zombies can be tricksy that way, especially when they are newly undead.

This unicorn chaser is recommended for after encounters with zombies. One must keep up their energy to stave off the brain-seeking undead hordes.

What better way to state your allegiance than with a Unicorns Kick Ass t-shirt?

We can't let zombies have the market on knitted goods. I really like this unicorn mittens knitting pattern. I bet the mittens would be even better with yarn that *sparkles*.

We all knew that Martha Stewart would be #teamunicorn right? Zombies are far too messy for her. She has an awesome how-to for making leather unicorn masks.

Unicorn origami! You could make a bunch and string them up as decorations. Excellent decorations for a post zombie-slaying party!

Dream-catchers won't keep zombies out of your child's bedroom. Luckily zombies aren't very smart (that's why they want your brains) and they are easily tricked by unicorn wall decals.

I wish you all a sparkly undead holiday season!

Contributing Editor Karen Ballum also blogs at Sassymonkey and Sassymonkey Reads.

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