The Zimmerman Trial: Another Psychological Enslavement by the Left to Brainwash the Black Community

4 years ago

Around a half an hour ago the United States of America saw it's third controversial situation of Obama's second term.

About a half an hour ago America began heading towards the beginnings of a racial anarchy, something the Leftist Confederates have continued to hope for the last 150 years.

Turmoil has sprung with two different sides of an arguement: Zimmerman as trying to commit a murder to a black 17-year-old in Florida, and Zimmerman who "protected himself" in self-defense from a black teenager who called him a "white cracker".

Let me just make something clear before I go any further:


This is NOT a racial issue. Yes, we all know Zimmerman did it. We all know he shot Trayvon Martin. But he didn't do it because of his race. Our court system in the United States is certainly not perfect, but it is one of the best in the world. This case was decided by a jury of women who put together facts--NOT the color of someone's skin.

I will again blame this entirely on the Left. The Left, who have been running the media for generations now, have made this a racial issue when it is simply NOT one. FOX News has found themselves forced into covering the whole case and every part that MSNBC seemingly covers, unquestionably scared out of being, once again, called "racist" by the obnoxious and snooty Left.

Which, may I add, is quite funny.

Because the Left are making everything a racial issue for a reason. Considering that the Left didn't even step in for "minorities" until the ultra-conservatives stepped in to the "Right" of the spectrum, we assume that all this talk they are putting into people's heads about this case being about race is "helpful" and "good".

However, my fellow Americans, think again.

We know that the Confederates during the Civil War were predominately Democrats. The only way that they were different from today's Democrats is that they were predominately for state's rights, which is typically a Republican thing (if you were looking for an accuasation coming from the Left). Soon after the Civil War ended and the Confederates lost, Nathan Bedford Forrest, a staunch Democrat and former liutenant general of the Confederate Army, began the Ku Klux Klan, discriminating Jews, Catholics, Asians, and, most importantly, former Black slaves.

However, Republicans were loyal to the Black community. We did what we could to give them a place in the government, and the first Black congressmen were all Republicans. Democrats still held the same grudge towards the Black community, knowing that they could no longer have them work as their slaves for "free". (Sound familiar with anything the Left does today, anybody?)

In the 20th century, several Democratic congressmen like Robert Byrd (also a former Klan member) filibustered against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In 1968, a Democrat--James Earl Ray--shot the legendary Dr. Martin Luther KIng Jr.. The Democrats were evil to the Black community.

So, what happened? They realized they could make money. The Leftists, I mean. They realized they could gain both money and power from getting the Black community to like them. So, what do they do? They give out Food Stamps, they put them in certain jobs, they segregate them.

What makes it worse is, they enslave them psychologically. To take their mind off of the fact that they, the "for the people" Left is constantly keeping them as black people at the bottom of the economic and social food chain, they fill the media with a trial that has NOTHING to do with race. In fact, the Left is SO AFRAID of being caught in the action of brainwashing the Black community that they accuse anyone to the fiscal right of being "racist"--and everyone listens to them, because THEY ARE RUNNING EVERYTHING.

Why this upsets me so much is obvious, at least to me. I am tired of the Left telling lies. I care about many people in the Black community and I don't want to see them get angry over something that has nothing to do with race. I HATE seeing them be enslaved by the hypocritical Left over and over again. Mark my words, America: I may only be 17 years old, but I am not resting until the Left stops destryong the minds of so many wonderful people that have done nothing but make the United States of America a segregated place for everyone.

The Left has changed fiscally since the Civil War, but certainly not socially.


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