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The GOP is having lady problems. In their wisdom, the right wing has decided that women aren’t irked about the whole voting against the equal pay act and/or the infringement on their personal autonomy up to and including birth control. Nope. Them lasses just need to be approached correctly to get them to vote Republican.

Republicans have decided that the best way to reach out to women voters is to ease away from that icky “fact based approach” and go for a softer, pinker, more fluffy “emotional” message.

I shit thee not.

“Women process information differently than men," [Republican ad maker Ashley] O'Connor says. "So much of political advertising focuses on conflict, and facts and figures, and I think that we're already starting to see, when reaching women voters, there's just new techniques need to be used, and a different tone, and more storytelling." [..] "This is a 60-second ad [for Dr. Monica Wehby] and it's not particularly issue-driven," O'Connor says of the spot. "It sort of goes to this point that when talking to women, I don't think you necessarily have to be delivering factual information to move them. I think connecting with their heart and really trying to build emotion is more effective."

Huh. Bitches be wanting emotional petting, not that “factual information” bullshit. Who knew?

Then again, “Republicans are very popular among married women and white women; they voted for Romney in 2012 and in Virginia, they voted for Ken "Mandatory Transvaginal Ultrasounds" Cuccinelli in 2013.” So, maybe this is a good strategy? Provided only white married women vote and none of them vote like they give a shit for the problems non-white or non-married women face. Also, none of us married, white chicks need to get offended that an obstetrician is called a “baby doctor” in the ad like we are too stupid to know the big word for baby doctor.

How to break it to the GOP that women like facts? Maybe the information that significantly more women than men are college graduates would clue them in? Maybe not?

Another thing the patriarchal twatwaffles would be amazed to learn is that women don’t like fancy-ass sports cars. Nope. Chicks think those I’ve-had-a-midlife-crisis sports cars are ludicrous and being driven by someone who either 1) thinks he is a Big Shot or 2) knows he is burdened with unnaturally small genitalia.

Or that he is running for office on a GOP ticket.

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