work out review #1

5 years ago

If anyone remembers, I started this blog to write about how I'm doing with getting back into sports. That means, it's time for a work out review!

Monday morning, 6 a.m., my alarm goes off and even though I'm a morning person and I like my ring tone, it is harsh and I don't want to get up. I seriously contemplate not getting up and sleeping for another hour until I have to get up to go to work, but I don't want to be able to call myself a quitter, so I get up and fight the urge to sleep on the floor.

I'm at the gym at 7 a.m., they just opened and I chat with the receptionist for a minute before getting ready.
I have a hard time remembering what the things on my work out sheet mean, because it's been so long since my coach gave me this work out plan. I decide to improvise a little and the one other person at the gym  and I give up puzzling around.

So I went and did what I thought was my program and slowly that feeling of "I-got-up-way-to-early" was replaced by "this-actually-feels-quite-good" and soon enough I was on a roll and merrily sweated along. After 40 minutes or so I was done and decided that I would use the 20 minutes I still had and went to "run" on one of these cross trainers. After 15 minutes there were pearls of sweat on my arms. Not just wet with sweat but those pearls of sweat they talk about in those romance novels set in the south somewhere. It felt awesome. I was completely elated by the fact that I had found that sweet spot of pushing myself hard enough but not so much that every step is a fight.

I didn't want to stop but I kind of assumed that even though he is nice, the boss wouldn't understand that I'd be late because I needed to be happy about sweating some more. So I quickly showered and was on my way to work.

Today, Tuesday, I can still feel the work out but not so bad that I can't move, only so much that I'm reminded to keep working out every time I climb some stairs or sit down or get up or move. ;)

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