Woodwart Outs Bush & Greenpeace Outs Nobu with a little Sarah Palin for good measure

9 years ago

Monday mornings have a “wake at your own risk” component and today we became aware that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taken over by the government, which came in the wake of our having listened to Bob Woodward on “60 Minutes” talking about his new book, Plan of Attack, with yet more disturbing details about the Bush administration’s rush to invade Iraq.

A mere five days after Sept. 11, Bush told Condi Rice that he first had to go into Afghanistan, but was determined to oust Saddam Hussein. Five days is less time than my husband and I spent on choosing a dog. Five days isn’t long enough to plan a Bar Mitzvah!

Even now, years and many calamities later, it’s jarring to consider that Bush briefed the Saudi ambassador, Prince Bandar, on his plan to invade Iraq before telling our Secretary of State. Woodward reports that Bush did not consult key cabinet members or his father, and when questioned about it, the president grew defensive, saying, "He is the wrong father to appeal to for advice... There's a higher Father that I appeal to."

This, of course, brings to mind Sarah Palin, who not only shares Bush’s belief that answers will come from above, but his amazing ability to be secretive. The Alaskan governor waited until the seventh month of her pregnancy to tell her family and friends.

If that's not enough to stir you up, there was news that all three London Nobu restaurants are serving Atlantic bluefin, an endangered species, though it's not specified on the menu. Greenpeace representatives tested the sushi they'd ordered at the restaurants before reporting this. Does that mean money we've given to the people on the streets with clipboards has gone to their eating hon maguro at Nobu?!!!

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