Women's History Month #25: Take This Meme and Pass It On!

8 years ago

Note: I'm posting something new about Women's History Month every day of March over at GloriaFeldt.com. Please feel free to lift, repost, link, or otherwise use any part or all of the information with or without attribution. I just want to do my part to get the word out about women's accomplishments, which are too often left out of the history books.  Today, a collaboration with my friend Deborah Siegel. Let's blanket the blogosphere with an ever growing list of Things People Should Know about women in history! Herewith:

Deborah Siegel, aka GirlWithPen,
posted this Women's History Month quiz, and I can't resist taking her
up on her challenge to answer it, add my own question to the list, and
send it around to my friends. Then you do the same! How many of these
important, intriguing, and maybe even surprising facts do you know? (I
missed question 6 and added question 7!)

Deborah's on the Today Show today with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kobt (10am ET) talking about her quiz--see more q and a here.   She calls it a Women’s History Meme because it's cultural info that needs to be passed down through the generations.

Remember, take the quiz below, see how you do, and if you have a blog of Facebook
page, feel free to post the quiz there AND ADD ONE ADDITIONAL QUESTION
OF YOUR OWN. Don’t forget to post these same instructions when you post
the quiz, so others then can do the same! Deborah says, "If you send me
the link once you’ve posted, I’ll do a roundup next week. Just email me at deborah (at) girlwpen (dot) com with the header 'Women’s History Meme'.” While you're at it, send it to me too---I'd love to see your question!

Alrighty then. Here we go:

1. In 2009, women make up what percent of the U.S. Congress?
A. 3%
B. 17%
C. 33%
D. 50%

2. How many CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are female?
A. 12
B. 28
C. 59
D. 84

3. Who was the first First Lady to create her own media presence (ie hold regular press conferences, write a daily newspaper column and a monthly magazine column, and host a weekly radio show)?
A. Eleanor Roosevelt
B. Jacqueline Kennedy
C. Pat Nixon
D. Hillary Clinton

4. The Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced to Congress in:
A. 1923
B. 1942
C. 1969
D. 1971

5. Who was the first African-American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?
A. Phyllis Wheatley
B. Alice Walker
C. Toni Morrison
D. Maya Angelou

6. What percentage of union members are women today?
A. 10%
B. 25%
C. 35%
D. 45%

7. Which of these has been used as birth control by women at some time in history?

A. Lemon half

B. Crocodile dung mixed with honey

C. Lysol douche

D. Turning the mill wheel backward


1:B, 2:A, 3:A, 4:A, 5:C, 6:D, 7:all 4




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